Add new Google Sheets spreadsheet rows to Firebase as new records

Google Sheets spreadsheet enables you to collect data from different sources. With this Connect, you'll be able to add your Google Sheets spreadsheet data to Firebase automatically without any effort. After setting up this Connect, whenever a new row is added to Google Sheets Spreadsheet, we will add that row’s data to Firebase as a new record. However, the Google Sheets spreadsheet that you integrate with Firebase must have a row of column headers and at least one entry at the time of the integration.
Note: This integration will not create Firebase records for existing Google sheets rows, but will create record from new rows of the Spreadsheet added after this integration has been setup.
How This Integration Works
  • A new spreadsheet row is added to the bottom of the Google Sheets spreadsheet
  • Appy Pie Connect adds that data in that row to Firebase as a new record
What You Need
  • A Google Account (with access to spreadsheet)
  • A Firebase application
  • Google Sheets
  • Firebase
Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a web-based application, which allows users to create, update and modify and share the data in real time.



Firebase is a trusted cloud-hosted database of many businesses worldwide that synchronizes data across all the clients in real-time.

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