Zoho Creator + GoToTraining Integrations

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About Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a low-code application development platform that empowers you to build enterprise-class applications that run on mobile, tablet, and web.

About GoToTraining

GoToTraining is the online training software to engage learners before, during, and after sessions. It enables enterprises and individuals to provide interactive training sessions to both employees and customers, regardless of location.

GoToTraining Integrations
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Zoho Creator?

Zoho Creator is the online top that helps in creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms. It is made up of three applications like Writer, Sheet and Show respectively. Each document has its own separate database. The database consists of the properties like title, description, author, primary cpor etc. A user can save the documents by storing them on the cloud. It stores the files on the cloud which means they are accessible on any device having internet connection. A user can save them on Google drive or Dropbox or even on his/her computer. It also allows the user to create the document in HTML format. Thus it makes it possible for users to easily share their files online. This software acts as a platform for file sharing, cplaboration and communication.


GoToTraining is an online training webinar platform which enables the user to interact with experts around the world. It provides live webinar training sessions of various topics. These experts are very skilled in their respective field. They share their years of experience with others via lessons and downloadable content. This platform is helpful for newbies in a specific field because it provides a chance to learn from someone who is already in the industry and has gained a lot of knowledge in a particular field. It does not require any signups or registrations to use this platform. You can access it from anywhere using your laptop or desktop or mobile devices. The courses offered here are usually about business related topics like accounting, finance, marketing etc.

Integration of Zoho Creator and GoToTraining

Zoho Creator and GoToTraining can be integrated to offer a wide range of benefits to the users. So that they can learn from experts from different parts of the world, through these two platforms. Some benefits include:

  • Offering a platform for sharing documents:

Zoho Creator offers a platform for sharing documents online. It allows the user to upload the document online so that it is accessible to everyone connected to the internet. The document can be viewed by anyone who has a link to it. Thus if a user creates a document using Zoho Creator, he can upload it on GoToTraining platform so that people from all over the world can view it without any restrictions. It can be accessed from any device having internet connection. It will enable people from different parts of the world to come and take part in discussions and ask questions about it and thus get the benefit of learning from experts in different fields and make progress in their respective fields. It will help in bridging the gap between people belonging to different parts of the world and help them connect with each other and make knowledge sharing possible. Thus this integration will contribute towards social development and enhancement of quality of life for people worldwide.

  • Helping learners gain experience:

It will help learners to gain more practical experience while studying online courses on GoToTraining platform. They will be able to learn from experts in their respective fields and get hands-on experience and learn practical skills which they can apply later if they get a job or start their own venture or start working independently. This integration will help them gain practical knowledge and experience which they will be able to apply later if they choose to do so. It will help them become skilled professionals in their fields and help them gain respect in their societies and communities. Thus this integration will contribute towards social development and enhancement of quality of life for people worldwide.

  • Encouraging participation:

By integrating these two platforms, it will encourage participation of people from different parts of the world in conversations regarding different topics. It will provide an opportunity for them to communicate with each other via these platforms and learn from each other. It will help them come together as one big community where people from different countries will come together as one society with one identity, which is one community with common interests, goals, aspirations etc. Thus this integration will contribute towards enhancing quality of life for people worldwide.

Benefits of Integration of Zoho Creator and GoToTraining

  • Deeper analysis of databases:
  • If the data generated through Zoho Creator is imported into GoToTraining, it can be analyzed more deeply by experts who have years of experience in their respective fields. They can study these data sets thoroughly and analyze them more deeply than they could have otherwise done. This offers great opportunities for students around the world since they would get to learn more about certain topics by getting help from highly qualified professionals who are active on these platforms. This integration will also help learners gain experience which they can apply later if they desire to do so. Thus this integration will contribute towards social development and enhancement of quality of life for people worldwide.

  • Live webinars:
  • If these two platforms are integrated, live webinars can be conducted by experts who hpd seminars on GoToTraining platform. Experts who participate in these seminars on GoToTraining platform can participate in live webinars on Zoho Creator platform where they can answer questions related to their subject-matter via these webinars held by them on Zoho Creator platform which will be shared with all participants on GoToTraining platform via recorded audio content. This way these platforms will act as platforms for knowledge sharing which will help people gain knowledge about various topics related to their respective fields at no cost whatsoever since these webinars are free for everyone on both platforms i.e., Zoho Creator and GoToTraining platforms respectively where they can share their thoughts, ideas etc with other participants on these platforms during live sessions which are recorded for future reference by learners who wish to listen back to them at their convenience. Thus this integration will contribute towards social development and enhancement of quality of life for people worldwide.

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