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About Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a low-code application development platform that empowers you to build enterprise-class applications that run on mobile, tablet, and web.

About BambooHR

BambooHR is a cloud-based HR management software solution for small and medium-sized businesses that streamlines and centralizes employee information into a single database with instant, real-time alerts and reports.

BambooHR Integrations
BambooHR Alternatives

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  • Zoho Recruit Zoho Recruit
  • Breezy HR Breezy HR
  • People HR People HR
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BambooHR is an HRMS (human resource management system. that can be used to manage employees, payrpl and benefits. It provides a single place for your business to store all the employee information and company ppicies. BambooHR can help you manage all the HR functions from recruiting to onboarding and termination of employees. Zoho Creator is a cloud-based online office suite that includes applications such as. word processor, spreadsheet, presentation creator, database and contacts manager. These programs are very similar to their offline counterparts, but they offer a wide range of additional features and options you won’t find in Microsoft Word or Excel.

The integration of BambooHR and Zoho Creator enables users to create documents with key employee details and automatically sends the document to the recipient. Not only it saves time and effort, but also ensures that the HR department doesn’t have to worry about losing important employee details. Some of the companies who have integrated BambooHR and Zoho Creator include. Paypal, Cisco and Citrix. Let’s see how these companies use these two applications together to streamline their operations.

Paypal – PayPal is one of the largest online payment sputions provider worldwide. The company has over 170 million users and more than 2 million businesses throughout the world. It offers its employees multiple benefits like free breakfast, lunch and dinner in its cafeteria, free snacks, fitness center membership and health care plans. To attract and retain talent, Paypal offers employees flexible work hours, weekly lunches with CEO Dan Schulman along with other perks. Since Paypal has a large workforce, it saves time by integrating BambooHR and Zoho Creator:

Zoho Creator – While creating the annual survey for employees, Paypal uses Zoho Creator – a cloud based online office suite. This allows them to save time by adding key employee details such as name along with other details such as department name, annual salary, total years worked on Paypal etc. Zoho Creator also enables users to convert the data from the survey into charts and graphs which makes it easier for them to analyze the data. Once all the data is imported into Zoho Creator, they add some sections like “what we need to do better” and “what we have done well” after which they send the survey link to all the employees via email. Apart from that, they also use Zoho Creator for creating new job descriptions, recruiting candidates and sending them interview invites.

BambooHR – Paypal also integrates BambooHR with Zoho Creator so that it can automatically send an email with a survey link to all the employees as soon as a new job description is added by admins. This saves time because there is no need to manually send emails to all the employees. Moreover, when Paypal receives a resume for a particular job position, they can directly upload it into BambooHR by using Zoho Creator which will allow them to track each and every application received for a particular job position.

Citrix – Citrix is a global leader in virtualization software products and services with over 100000 clients in more than 120 countries worldwide. According to their website, they provide products and services that enable their customers to enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based computing environment without incurring additional IT costs. Citrix provides a wide range of products such as. ShareFile for file sharing, GoToMeeting for online meetings, GoToWebinar for web conferences, GoToTraining for self-paced training etc. Over the years, Citrix has grown tremendously and now has more than 10000 employees worldwide. In order to support its growing workforce, Citrix uses BambooHR – an HRMS (human resource management system. that helps organizations effectively manage employee information and ppicies. With BambooHR integrated with Zoho Creator, the HR department at Citrix can easily track which candidates applied for which jobs by simply importing resumes into BambooHR from Zoho Creator. As soon as a candidate applies for a job position, the HR department can reply back via email or schedule an interview right from within Zoho Creator.

Cisco – Cisco is one of the largest networking equipment manufacturers in the world with $49 billion in revenue in 2016 alone. The company has over 69000 employees world wide and is headquartered in San Jose, California. Cisco provides a wide range of services including. VoIP phone systems, video conferencing sputions, security systems etc. Recently Cisco has partnered with BambooHR – an enterprise-level human resource management software spution that has been designed from the ground up for small-to-medium size businesses. Now Cisco uses Zoho Creator along with BambooHR to simplify employee onboarding process:

New Employees – Whenever Cisco hires a new employee they first send him/her an offer letter through BambooHR which contains key details such as salary offered along with other benefits such as health insurance plan etc. After the employee accepts the offer letter through BambooHR, he/she needs to fill out all the mandatory details such as SSN number, driver license number etc. Cisco then creates an account for this individual on Zoho Creator where he/she uploads all his/her documents including passport photos etc., once the account is created on Zoho Creator, they send him/her an email so that he/she can access his/her own account whenever needed.

Existing Employees – Existing employees at Cisco use Zoho Creator for accessing different portals such as. expense reports portal, medical portal etc., Cisco creates separate accounts for all its employees which allows them to access different portals chosen by them. Once these portals are created by Cisco administrators within Zoho Creator they are shared with all existing employees by sending them an email through BambooHR where they can authenticate and log in themselves using their existing accounts without having any issues whatsoever!

In today’s digital age where everything is moving towards automation; organizations need to come up with innovative ways so that they can simplify their daily operations without having any issues whatsoever! Integrating BambooHR and Zoho Creator can help organizations save time by automating tedious tasks in order to focus on improving their core competencies!

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