WordPress Quiz Maker + TimeCamp Integrations

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About WordPress Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker is a service for creating and publishing quizzes, surveys, trivia, polls, online forms, personality tests and more.

About TimeCamp

TimeCamp is a web-based application launched in 2009 by Kamil Rudnicki, a programmer and founder of Time Solutions, to track the activity of computer users and it is dedicated either to freelancers or teams.

TimeCamp Integrations
Connect WordPress Quiz Maker + TimeCamp in easier way

It's easy to connect WordPress Quiz Maker + TimeCamp without coding knowledge. Start creating your own business flow.

WordPress Quiz Maker?

WordPress Quiz Maker is an excellent top that creates quizzes for your website. You can then embed it into your existing web pages. It allows you to create a question bank, customize the look of the quiz, and display results. It also includes an attendance tracking feature, so you can keep track of who has completed their quiz! If you are looking to improve your company’s productivity, this software is for you!


TimeCamp is an online time-tracking system that helps you track all of your projects, clients, and team members. With TimeCamp, you will know exactly how much time was spent on each task and how much money you billed to each client. TimeCamp will also allow you to track milestones for different projects. You can easily export data about employees or projects; this eliminates the need to manually update projects or create reports. There is no limit to how many users can be added to your account, so you can easily share TimeCamp with your entire team!

Integration of WordPress Quiz Maker and TimeCamp

The integration of WordPress Quiz Maker and TimeCamp is very simple. All you have to do is create a new quiz in WordPress Quiz Maker and then click “Create New Task” in TimeCamp. Once you have done this, enter the name of the quiz in the “Task Name” field and hit “Save Task”. You can then start entering timesheets for your team members!

Benefits of Integration of WordPress Quiz Maker and TimeCamp

Using WordPress Quiz Maker and TimeCamp together will save you a lot of time! No longer will you have to manually track hours spent on a project—TimeCamp does it all for you! Not only will this save you time, but it will save you from the hassle of inputting hours into a spreadsheet or manually creating a report! You can find out exactly how long every employee has been working on a project, as well as how much they have been billed. These statistics will allow you to more effectively manage your company.

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