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About Webflow

Webflow is the easiest and fastest way to build a website in the cloud. Whether you need a quick landing page or a visually stunning portfolio you can launch it in minutes, design it yourself without code, and host it anywhere.

Upcoming Connection with Webflow

Webflow Integration Details

Simplify your website building with Appy Pie Connects’ Webflow integration. Appy Pie Connect integrations, called Connects, let Webflow interact with other apps you use in your business. Appy Pie Connect lets Webflow integrates with a variety of third-party apps including Slack, MailChimp, Discord, Shippo, HubSpot, GitHub, Zendesk, PayPal, Shopify, Zoho Mail, Stripe. Airtable, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, and more. Using Webflow integrations you can stay updated about every Webflow form entry by automatically adding them to the apps you more often. Appy Pie Connect lets you create custom Webflow integrations that suit your specific workflows and organization goals.

Why you should use Webflow Integration?

The market is flooded with website builders that promise the best solutions for any design requirements. However, when it comes to practice, they fall short on both design and development aspects. Only a few tools like Webflow- a leading website builder, enables users to build, design, and launch a visually appealing website. You can make your website more functional without spending hours every day, for months! Together, Webflow and Appy Pie Connect can make it easy! You can use Appy Pie Connect’ Webflow integrations to automate a range of tasks between Webflow and other apps you use for work. This Webflow integration can make your website building much easier and faster, so you can spend your time building your business rather than to build your website.

Here is how you can use Webflow with Appy Pie Connect:

  • Send Webflow to form data to Google Sheets. Set up a Webflow-Slack integration, and the user data from your Webflow forms will be captured and automatically added to your Google Sheets.
  • Keep track of everything happening on your Webflow website. Put this integration to work, and Appy Pie Connect will automatically send out new emails via Gmail for every form of submission.
  • Keep your Salesforce sales pipeline ever-growing? Appy Pie Connect automatically adds a new lead to Salesforce for every new Webflow form submission.
  • Integrate Webflow with Analytical tools so you can track how people get to your site, what they do once they get there, and so much more.
  • Integrate Webflow with CRM tools and automatically sync subscribers, automate emails, and create sales and marketing workflows.
  • Connect Webflow to Google Calendar and send Webflow form data to Google Sheets.
  • Integrate Webflow with HubSpot and automatically create HubSpot contacts for new form submissions in Webflow.
  • Set up Webflow-MailChimp integration and send Webflow form data to a Mailchimp list.
  • Connect Webflow with Airtable and automatically create live Webflow items for new records in Airtable views.
  • Integrate Webflow with Salesforce and automatically add new leads on Salesforce for new Webflow form submissions.
  • Webflow and Klaviyo integration from Appy Pie Connect automatically add Klaviyo subscribers for new form submissions in Webflow.

Appy Pie Connect brings together Triggers (like "New Form Submission") and Actions (like "Send Email") to complete an action in one app whenever a trigger occurs in another. This phenomenon is called “Connect” and these Connects help you automate repetitive tasks saving you the trouble of doing them manually.

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