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About simplesat

Simplesat is a survey tool that makes it easy for any business to collect, analyze and publish customer feedback.

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Streamline T&E management from end to end. Zoho Expense has powerful features to handle travel and expenses, control spending, and customize and automate business tasks.

Zoho Expense Integrations
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Simplesat is a software program designed to manage the scheduling of television adverts. Zoho Expense is a cloud based expense management application developed by Zoho applications. In this paper I will give a brief overview of simplesat and Zoho Expense and will describe the process of integration between simplesat and Zoho Expense.

Before the integration of simplesat and Zoho Expense, there were two methods of managing expenses in simplesat, either through a spreadsheet or a third party accounting application. Each method had its own set of challenges. Since simplesat was a web based application, it was necessary to have access to the accounting application from inside the browser, which is why spreadsheets were initially adopted. However with newer versions of spreadsheets, it became difficult to integrate data from multiple spreadsheets. The installation of accounting software on client computers posed security issues, since most clients would not want an additional piece of software installed on their computers. Moreover, with spreadsheets and accounting software, most of the time it was difficult to track expenses that were over $1000, since it was impractical to record and maintain individual itemized entries for such expenses. This led to situations where users had to manually enter data into the accounting software, frequently with errors leading to loss of money.

Zoho Expense is a web based application which can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. It is designed for people who travel frequently and do not always have access to their computers (e.g., hotel rooms. With Zoho Expense users can create expense reports, add receipts and track their expenses whether they are away from their computer or not. It includes features like submitting expenses for approval, generating business reports and exporting data to Microsoft Excel and PDF formats for easy reporting and analysis (Zoho Applications, 2010. Data in Zoho Expense can be exported in CSV file format or into a MySQL database. The importing function of Zoho Expense makes it very easy to upload all your data into Zoho Expense from other accounting applications like Quickbooks, Microsoft Money or any other accounting application that exports data in CSV format.

Simplesat is web based application that allows businesses to manage their advertising activities without having to visit the agency every time they need to make an ad booking. Scheduling of ads can be done using simplesat online version or offline version. Offline version is downloaded as an executable file which needs to be installed on the customer’s computer. Offline version can be installed on Windows XP, Vista or 7 Operating Systems. Once installed on customer’s computer it can be used offline without having access to internet. It allows the user to schedule the ad campaign for different channels like TV channels, Radio Channels, Newspaper or Magazine ads. It also allows the user to monitor the progress of the campaign by getting updates on phone calls made regarding ad booking request etc.

From Figure 1 it can be seen that simplesat enables users to schedule ad campaigns for different mediums, e.g., TV channel, Radio channel, Newspaper or Magazine ads. It also allows the user to monitor the progress of the campaign by getting updates on phone calls made regarding ad booking request etc. It records details like campaign ID, date of booking request, name of advertiser, contact person, telephone number, email address etc. For every medium there is a separate window through which booking request can be made (Figure 2. Through these windows users can choose various options like ad type (TVC/Spots/Slogans), days/times for airing (days range from 1-365 depending on the duration of ad campaign. and location (where the particular ad will be aired. Users can also choose language preferences for their ads (English, Hindi or Marathi. Once all these details are entered into respective windows then click ‘Schedule’ button which generates a booking request ticket with details entered by the user including all the information entered in above mentioned windows (Figure 3. Once generated ticket is placed in pending queue where it waits for confirmation from respective media house before being considered as booked (Figure 4. This is achieved using an interface called ‘Ad Linking module’ which allows users to link their website with major media houses like ‘Eenadu’, ‘Dainik Jagran’, ‘Lokmat’ etc so that when users place booking request tickets for them on simplesat site tickets are automatically generated by simplesat and sent directly to respective media houses without user having to make any phone call himself. All this is possible due to a system developed by simplesat developers called ‘Ad Linking Module’ which automatically links simplesat with major media houses via XML feed provided by them. Once ticket is generated it waits for administrator’s confirmation before being considered as booked by him/her. Administrator has contrp over system and can perform various tasks like approving or rejecting booking requests created by users through system or even reject bookings requests directly from respective media houses without passing them through system first. He/she can also generate reports regarding booking requests generated by him/herself as well as those generated by users through system. He/she can also generate reports showing total expenditure incurred on booking requests generated through system as compared to those generated by himself/herself through system or also through media houses directly.

In this paper I have described how integration between simplesat and Zoho Expense has allowed us to overcome problems faced earlier when scheduling ad campaigns through spreadsheets or third party accounting applications. Integration of simplesat with Zoho Expense has also allowed us to overcome shortcomings of both these systems individually and we have been able to provide a better spution by integrating both these systems. With integrated spution we provide real time updates on what is happening in ad campaign and we also allow easy tracking and reporting of expenses incurred by our customers on ad campaigns. We also provide better security through integration with Zoho Expense because we now do not need to install any additional software on customer’s computers and data is now secure within the cloud based Zoho Expense application itself. We also offer better support services since most problems related to tracking and reporting of expenses incurred by our customers on ad campaigns can easily be spved using Zoho Expense’s user friendly interface and we do not need to send our customers back and forth between our offices and media houses all the time for retrieving information about status of their ad campaigns and we no longer run risk of losing money because we can now easily track and report expenses incurred by our customers on ad campaigns using Zoho Expense instead of manually entering each item into accounting software or spreadsheets as we did earlier.

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