simplesat + Filter By Connect Integrations

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About simplesat

Simplesat is a survey tool that makes it easy for any business to collect, analyze and publish customer feedback.

About Filter By Connect

Filter By Connect is own feature that enables you to allow a Connect to proceed when a certain condition is met. You need to just insert a filter step in your Connect and your Connect will run only if your trigger data matches your defined criteria.

Filter By Connect Integrations
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SimpleSat is a Professional program capable of quick and easy satellite antenna alignment. SimpleSat does not use a graphical interface. The software works with text commands, making it best suited for use with a remote contrp, such as a keyboard or an infrared remote contrp. SimpleSat can be used to determine the dish azimuth, elevation, skew, and rotation of a satellite dish. Although SimpleSat is an pder program, it is still useful for satellite dish alignment.

Filter By Connect?

Filter By Connect is a web-based application that provides information about the quality of a user’s internet connection. The system requires only a single webpage URL and internet access to perform its analysis. The website uses proprietary heuristics to determine the type of connection being utilized, the download/upload speed, and the number of devices connected to the network. Filter By Connect is a great top for determining if there are issues with your internet connection at home, work, or when traveling.

Integration of simplesat and Filter By Connect

  • Simplesat can receive data from Filter By Connect and compare it to previous data. If there was an issue with an internet connection in the past, simplesat can then update or change the azimuth of the dish accordingly to compensate for the issue.
  • Filter By Connect can also pull data from simplesat about the dish’s current configuration and compare the values to previous configurations. This is beneficial to filter by connect because it allows them to compare two configurations without having to manually look up pd data. This allows filter by connect to provide a more accurate analysis when comparing two points in time.

  • Benefits of Integration
  • The integration between these two systems can benefit both parties. Both companies are focused on providing quality services for their customers. Because of this, integration can lead to increased efficiency and accuracy in both products. For example, if Filter By Connect determines there is an issue with the internet connection and simplesat determines that there is an issue with the dish configuration, then both systems would update their data in order to increase accuracy and provide better outcomes for their respective customers. This integration also allows for continuing development of both systems as they can inform one another of possible changes. Integration also increases the credibility of both systems because they can both rely on one another to verify their results. So, instead of relying on each other’s products, both companies would be able to verify their results with each other’s products.

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