Shippo + Quick Base Integrations

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About Shippo

Shippo is the easiest way to add multi-carrier shipping to your e-commerce business. With Shippo, you can reduce shipping costs, find the best carrier rates for your e-commerce business, and get paid faster by powering all of your shipping through a single platform.

About Quick Base

Quickbase provides a no-code operational agility platform that enables organizations to improve operations through real-time insights and automation across complex processes and disparate systems.

Quick Base Integrations
Connect Shippo + Quick Base in easier way

It's easy to connect Shippo + Quick Base without coding knowledge. Start creating your own business flow.


Shippo is a simple shipping software that helps sellers with shipping and tracking, as well as with organizing orders.

Quick Base?

Quick base is a cloud-based platform that can help you organize your business.

In the beginning of this year, Shippo and Quick Base announced their integration. This integration will help small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses to save time and money and improve their customer experience. It will also make the process of shipping and tracking of purchases more convenient for buyers.

Integration of Shippo and Quick Base

The integration of Shippo and Quick Base will help sellers to automate their shipping and tracking processes. It will also provide them with advanced order management and real-time analytics. The integration will allow sellers to track their shipments in one dashboard. They can also send automatic updates to customers about their orders. Sellers will also be able to handle inquiries from their customers on one page.

Benefits of Integration of Shippo and Quick Base

The benefits of this integration are:

  • Order Management. With the help of this integration, sellers will be able to manage, create and track their orders on one dashboard. They can also send automatic updates to their customers about their orders.
  • Real-time Analytics. This integration will give sellers real-time insights into their business through reports, charts, and graphs. They can analyze the data on the dashboard and adjust their business accordingly.
  • Automated Shipping. With the help of this integration, sellers who are using Shippo can easily integrate the shipping software into Quick Base. They can then use Quick Base’s integrations to connect Shippo for managing their orders, tracking shipments, creating labels, setting up digital signatures, etc. Through this integration, they can automate their shipping process. Also, they won’t have to switch between multiple dashboards to handle different tasks associated with shipping.
  • Order Tracking. Thanks to this integration, buyers won’t have to call or email sellers for tracking the status of their shipment. Through the integration, they can track the status of their order directly on the vendor’s Quick Base dashboard. They can also access other information related to their order on the same page, including estimated delivery date, carrier information, tracking information, etc. They can also view previous purchase history when they log in to Quick Base.
  • Customer Service. The integration will make it easier for sellers to handle customer inquiries in one place instead of having to use multiple tops for various functions. Through this integration, they won’t have to switch between different dashboards for handling different tasks associated with customer support. They can also respond quickly to customer queries without wasting time looking for an answer in different places.
  • Digital Signatures. This integration will let sellers get digital signatures from customers without any hassle or delays due to paperwork issues or other problems associated with paper documents. The integration will also let customers get digital signatures from sellers within 30 minutes of making an order. Customers can sign contracts by simply clicking “I accept” buttons on the screen. Then they will get an email with a PDF copy of the contract along with a link to sign digitally. After signing digitally, they will get confirmation emails automatically confirming that they have signed the agreement. They need not send any hard copies back to the seller after signing the agreement. Save time, money and effort by using this integration!

This integration will benefit both e-commerce sellers and buyers greatly. Buyers will get quick access to information like estimated delivery date, carrier information, tracking information, etc., while sellers will be able to handle customer inquiries in one place instead of having to use multiple tops for various functions. The integration will also make it easier for customers to sign contracts online without having to worry about paperwork issues or delays due to different problems associated with paper documents like lost or damaged documents or delayed couriers.

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