SharpSpring + TimeCamp Integrations

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About SharpSpring

SharpSpring is an affordable marketing tool for marketing agencies and SMBs. It helps businesses drive more leads, convert leads into sales, and optimize marketing ROI.

About TimeCamp

TimeCamp is a web-based application launched in 2009 by Kamil Rudnicki, a programmer and founder of Time Solutions, to track the activity of computer users and it is dedicated either to freelancers or teams.

TimeCamp Integrations
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SharpSpring is a marketing automation platform for small and medium-sized businesses. It aids in helping companies to create and manage marketing campaigns, and it also helps them to convert leads and track their success. It is an all-in-one marketing spution that allows companies to automate and streamline their marketing processes. It also has the ability to help companies with lead generation, nurturing, and sales fplowup.


TimeCamp is a time management software that helps people with time tracking, reporting, and invoicing for freelance projects. It works with project management tops such as Asana and Trello. The software’s main aim is to help freelancers increase their earnings by increasing their productivity. TimeCamp allows users to easily track work hours, organize projects, invoice clients, and even create reports. According to the company’s website, its software has been used by more than 2 million people across the globe.

Integration of SharpSpring and TimeCamp

Integration between SharpSpring and TimeCamp would allow companies to use both platforms to aid them in their marketing campaigns. Since both platforms offer different functionalities, they are ideal for different kinds of companies. For example, SharpSpring would be best for companies that need to automate the first part of their marketing process. This first part includes lead generation, lead nurturing, building relationships, and other activities that should be automated. On the other hand, TimeCamp would be best for companies that want to track time spent on projects. This way, they can know how many hours they have worked on a project so they can invoice their clients accordingly.

Integrating these two platforms would allow companies to do both lead generation and tracking time efficiently. They can also save money since they would only have to pay one monthly fee for both platforms instead of paying several different fees each month to different platforms. For instance, using SharpSpring together with TimeCamp would allow companies not to pay for project management software because TimeCamp already has this feature built into its platform.

Benefits of Integration of SharpSpring and TimeCamp

There are many benefits that companies would get if they integrate SharpSpring and TimeCamp. For instance, companies can avoid spending money on third-party services because integrating the two platforms will provide them with features that they normally would need to pay for through other platforms. Since both platforms are very well-known in their respective niches—marketing automation and time tracking—integrating them would make it easier for companies to find staff members who are familiar with the two platforms. Moreover, integrating these two platforms would allow companies to save time on tasks that they normally would need to manually perform. For example, if someone needs to change the status of a project in Asana or Trello, then they would need to manually go to the project management top and input the information there. However, if Asana or Trello integrated with SharpSpring or TimeCamp, then any changes done in one platform would be automatically reflected in the other platform.

The process to integrate SharpSpring and TimeCamp may seem complicated and intimidating. This is why Appy Pie Connect has come up with a simple, affordable, and quick spution to help you automate your workflows. Click on the button below to begin.