Quick Base + Chargebee Integrations

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About Quick Base

Quickbase provides a no-code operational agility platform that enables organizations to improve operations through real-time insights and automation across complex processes and disparate systems.

About Chargebee

Chargebee is a subscription management and recurring billing solution used by businesses to customize subscription billing workflows

Chargebee Integrations
Connect Quick Base + Chargebee in easier way

It's easy to connect Quick Base + Chargebee without coding knowledge. Start creating your own business flow.

The integration of Quick Base and Chargebee provides a viable spution for businesses to manage their customers. This integration process permits a business to offer a seamless customer service experience by automating important business functions such as billing, payment processing, and subscription management. This seamless customer service experience becomes possible when both Quick Base and Chargebee are integrated in a business.


  • Integration of Quick Base and Chargebee
  • This integration process allows customers to create an account on the website of the business. When the customer creates an account, they will be prompted to enter their payment details on the Quick Base platform. Additionally, the customer will be required to input their contact information, including the email address of the customer, name, and phone number. Once the customer has given his/her information, the customer will also be required to provide his/her bank details so that payment can be made via Direct Debit or Paypal.

    Once this information is entered, the customer will be able to proceed to the website of the business after giving his/her consent to be charged on a recurring basis. The customer will then see a message on the screen stating that he/she will be charged via Direct Debit or Paypal.

    After seeing this message, the customer will click on "Subscribe" button. This button will allow the customer to create an account with Quick Base if it has not yet been created by the customer. If the customer has already created an account on Quick Base, he/she will enter his/her username and password to access it. The credentials (username and password. are required in order for the user to access his/her Quick Base account.

    Once the user has accessed his/her Quick Base account, he/she will be required to provide valid details regarding his/her bank account in order to successfully subscribe to the business's service. The user will be required to provide the fplowing information about his bank account. Account number, sort code, account hpder name, mobile number, name, address etc. Once these details are provided, the integration between Quick Base and Chargebee will begin automatically. This integration is achieved through API calls. These API calls are initiated by Chargebee in order to validate the bank details of the user who is subscribed to the service of the business. If these details are validated successfully, Chargebee will submit credit card details of the user with its payment gateway provider in order for payment to be processed successfully. If these details are not validated successfully, Chargebee will reject the credit card details submitted by the user. In this case, another set of bank details must be provided by the user if he/she wishes to subscribe to the business's services. This process ensures that all payment details are validated before subscription can occur successfully.

  • Benefits of Integration of Quick Base and Chargebee
  • This integration process provides three major benefits to businesses who use Quick Base and Chargebee for managing their customers. These are listed below:

    • Synchronization between Quick Base and Chargebee. Integration between Quick Base and Chargebee allows businesses to synchronize data between both platforms. Data synchronization occurs automatically when both systems are integrated together. This data synchronization is achieved through scheduling of regular data synchronizations between two platforms. This process permits real-time updates of information such as customers' subscriptions and billing details from Chargebee platform to Quick Base platform and vice versa. Data synchronization helps businesses manage their customers effectively by keeping them informed about new developments and updates related to their subscriptions and billing details. This synchronization also helps businesses save time and resources that would otherwise have been spent on manually updating data between two platforms at regular intervals.
    • Easy Payment Process. Integration between Quick Base and Chargebee allows businesses to easily process payments from their customers without having to manually do so as it happens when businesses use only Quick Base as a platform for managing their customers. For example if a customer subscribes to a service using Chargebee, the developer of the business has to manually update billing details on Quick Base platform in order for them to become active. However, this integration process eliminates manual processes and makes it easy for businesses to complete subscription and billing processes automatically and seamlessly without having to worry about updating billing information manually on Quick Base platform or any other platform used by a business for managing its customers.
    • Automated Billing. Integration between Quick Base and Chargebee allows businesses to automate billing processes which saves time and resources as well as improves efficiency of businesses who use this integration process for managing their customers. For example if a customer subscribes using Chargebee for paying for a service offered by a business, integration between Chargebee and Quick Base makes it easy for businesses to automatically charge their customers during regular intervals without having to manually do so.

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