Pipedrive + Google Calendar Integrations

Appy Pie Connect allows you to automate multiple workflows between Pipedrive and Google Calendar

About Pipedrive

Pipedrive is the sales management platform that helps you win more business, manage big sales, and keep your pipeline growing. It's flexible enough to fit in any sales process

About Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the time management and scheduling tool created by Google. It allows you to make appointments, organize your daily tasks, and more.

Google Calendar Integrations
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  • Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Outlook
  • Calendly Calendly

Best Pipedrive and Google Calendar Integrations

  • Pipedrive Gmail

    Pipedrive + Gmail

    Send Gmail Emails for Newly added deals to a stage on Pipedrive Read More...
    When this happens...
    Pipedrive Deal Matching Filter
    Then do this...
    Gmail Send Email
    Get more out of your Pipedrive by integrating it with Gmail. After setting this integration up, Appy Pie Connect will send an email to you or your chosen recipients via Gmail whenever a new deal is added to a certain stage on Pipedrive, ensuring that every sales deal is handled perfectly. This integration will help businesses streamline and automate repeatable business tasks, minimizing room for errors and increasing their overall efficiency.
    How This Integration Works
    • Triggers when a new deal is created on Pipedrive
    • Appy Pie Connect automatically sends an email through Gmail
    Prerequisites to setup the integration
    • A Gmail account
    • A Pipedrive account
  • Pipedrive Slack

    Pipedrive + Slack

    Receive Direct Message in Slack Alert Messages for Every New Deal on Pipedrive Read More...
    When this happens...
    Pipedrive New Deal
    Then do this...
    Slack Send Direct Message
    Set up this Slack – Pipedrive integration and we will watch your Pipedrive account for you. After setting up this integration, we will send a notification to the selected slack channel every time a new deal is created on Pipedrive, keeping your team informed about every Deal on your Pipedrive. Our automation platform enables you to set up this Connect in mere minutes without writing a single line of code.
    How This Integration Works
    • A new deal is added to Pipedrive
    • Appy Pie Connect automatically sends a direct message to your specified Slack Channel
    What You Need
    • A Slack account
    • A Pipedrive account
  • Pipedrive Twitter

    Pipedrive + Twitter

    Add Every New Person on Pipedrive Directly To the Specified Twitter List Read More...
    When this happens...
    Pipedrive New Person
    Then do this...
    Twitter Add User to List
    Twitter is one of the most effective social media platforms for businesses to attract new customers. After all, Twitter grows your influence by exposing your message to a larger audience. Therefore, let your twitter follower list grow by syncing it with Pipedrive. After setting this integration up, whenever a new contact is added to Pipedrive, Appy Pie Connect will automatically add that person to your twitter list, giving you more audience for your campaign.
    How this integration works
    • A contact is created on Pipedrive
    • Appy Pie Connect adds that contact directly to the Twitter list
    What You Need
    • A Pipedrive account
    • A Twitter account
  • Pipedrive Salesforce

    Pipedrive + Salesforce

    Create Leads on Salesforce for New Pipedrive People
    When this happens...
    Pipedrive New Person
    Then do this...
    Salesforce Create Lead
    If you use Pipedrive as your principle CRM and Salesforce for your sales pipeline, then this Connect is highly beneficial for you. After setting this integration up, whenever a contact is added to Pipedrive, Appy Pie Connect will add that contact to Salesforce as a lead. So, don’t wait and try this Connect now to keep your business competitive!
    How this Pipedrive – Salesforce integration Works
    • A new person is added to your Pipedrive account
    • Appy Pie Connect adds that person to your Salesforce account as a new lead
    What You Need
    • A Pipedrive account
    • A Salesforce account
  • Pipedrive Slack

    Pipedrive + Slack

    Create a New Channel on Slack for Every Pipedrive Deal Read More...
    When this happens...
    Pipedrive New Deal
    Then do this...
    Slack Create Channel
    Slack is one of the best team communication platforms available today. It features instant messaging and documents sharing, helping teams to communicate more effectively with each other. You can get more out of your Slack by integrating it with Pipedrive. After setting up this integration, whenever a new deal is added to Pipedrive, Appy Pie Connect will create a new Slack channel for it to help you discuss the newest deals in person.
    How this Pipedrive – Slack integration works
    • A new deal is added to Pipedrive
    • Appy Pie’ Connect creates a new channel on Slack
    What You Need
    • A Pipedrive account
    • A Slack account
  • Pipedrive Slack

    {{item.triggerAppName}} + {{item.actionAppName}}

    {{item.message}}
    When this happens...
    Pipedrive {{item.triggerTitle}}
    Then do this...
    {{item.actionAppImage}} {{item.actionTitle}}
Connect Pipedrive + Google Calendar in easier way

It's easy to connect Pipedrive + Google Calendar without coding knowledge. Start creating your own business flow.

  • Deal Matching Filter

    Triggers every time a deal matches a Pipedrive filter.

  • New Activity

    Triggers upon an addition of a new activity in Pipedrive.

  • New Deal

    Triggers every time a new deal is created.

  • New Person

    Triggers when a new person is added.

  • Event Start

    Triggers a specified time before an event starts.

  • New Event

    Triggers when an event is created.

  • New Event Matching Search

    Triggers every time an event matching a search is created.

  • Create Activity

    Creates a new activity.

  • Create Deal

    Creates a new deal.

  • Create Note

    Creates a new note.

  • Create Organization

    Creates a new organization.

  • Create Person

    Creates a new person.

  • Update Deal

    Updates an existing deal.

  • Update Person

    Updates an existing person.

  • Create Detailed Event

    Add a new event on Google Calendar, defining each field.

  • Quick Add Event

    Create an event from incoming text sections. Google screens the text content for date, time, and description details.

  • Update Event

    Update an event. Updates only the fields that are filled.

How Pipedrive & Google Calendar Integrations Work

  1. Step 1: Choose Pipedrive as a trigger app and Select "Trigger" from the Triggers List.

    (30 seconds)

  2. Step 2: Authenticate Pipedrive with Appy Pie Connect.

    (10 seconds)

  3. Step 3: Select Google Calendar as an action app.

    (30 seconds)

  4. Step 4: Pick desired action for the selected trigger.

    (10 seconds)

  5. Step 5: Authenticate Google Calendar with Appy Pie Connect.

    (2 minutes)

  6. Your Connect is ready! It's time to start enjoying the benefits of workflow automation.

Integration of Pipedrive and Google Calendar

Since the advent of the Internet, there has been a massive revpution in the way people live their lives. The Internet has created a platform for information exchange and has opened up doors to new business opportunities. It has also created new ways to do things that were not possible before. One of these is an online calendar application. In today’s fast-paced world, it is important for a company not only to develop a product or service but also to create a market for it. A good product will be useless if no one uses it because of its limited availability. The Internet has provided an avenue for products to be readily available to potential users and made it possible for those with creative ideas to make the best of them by introducing new products.

Google Calendar is one of those online applications which have become very popular in recent years. It is a free online calendar application that lets you manage your schedule easily. It allows you to share your schedule with other people, organize events and reminders and even synchronize appointments between different devices. The main advantage of a Google Calendar over other calendars is that it can be accessed from anywhere around the world as long as you have an internet connection. The application was released on May 13, 2006 through Google Labs and was later released as a full-featured product on June 28, 2008. There are many tops within Google Calendar that you can use to ensure that you never miss an important event. You can subscribe to calendars from other people and add your own calendars to allow others to see your schedule. You can also create alerts that will remind you of important events that may be coming up shortly. Google Calendar is available on all Android devices, iPhones and tablets, Windows phones and desktops. This means that almost anyone can take advantage of this application and use it to ensure they never miss an important event.

The integration of Pipedrive and Google Calendar provides great benefits to the user. Since Pipedrive is a sales management application, it is important that the software integrates closely with other tops that can help it achieve its main objective; increasing sales. When you integrate Pipedrive with Google Calendar, you can add events directly into Google Calendar from within Pipedrive without having to fire up another application. This means that you do not have to waste time going back and forth between applications when managing your day-to-day activities. While it may seem like a small thing, the simplicity of this integration makes it easier for you to keep track of your daily tasks and helps you organize your day more effectively so that time can be used to its maximum potential.

One of the most effective ways to increase productivity is by setting targets. Setting targets helps you focus on what you need to do so that you know how far you have come and where you still need to improve. This boosts morale and helps keep employees motivated. It also ensures that no time is wasted during work hours. Pipedrive enables you to set targets by enabling you to define goals for each contact and keeping track of the activity levels of each contact. Goals can be set for specific departments or even individual contacts in a department, giving managers the ability to set realistic targets based on their current capacity rather than how many new leads they have received in the past month or quarter.

Integrating Pipedrive with Google Calendar means that when setting targets, you also have access to relevant information about your contacts such as their location, previous occupation, gender, marital status and even their birthdays so that you can plan events accordingly or send them appropriate gifts depending on their birthday or special occasion. Finding clients who are likely to be interested in your products or services is relatively easy when you have this information at your disposal. This makes it easier for you to convert leads into paying customers as well as retain existing customers by sending them relevant gifts such as personalized pens at the start of each year or personalized mugs on their birthday. Having all this information available in one place makes it easy for you to interact more effectively with your contacts and use any relevant information when planning meetings or creating tailored sales pitches.

The integration of Pipedrive with Google Calendar greatly assists businesses in achieving their target sales goals by getting rid of any unnecessary friction between various applications while ensuring maximum productivity at all times. It also allows users to assign more accurate targets based on their past performance instead of just guessing how many leads they should receive in a certain period since it sidesteps the difficulty of tracking leads manually when using traditional methods such as Excel spreadsheets.

The process to integrate Pipedrive and Google Calendar may seem complicated and intimidating. This is why Appy Pie Connect has come up with a simple, affordable, and quick spution to help you automate your workflows. Click on the button below to begin.