MySQL + simplesat Integrations

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About MySQL

MySQL is currently the most popular database management system software used for managing the relational database.

About simplesat

Simplesat is a survey tool that makes it easy for any business to collect, analyze and publish customer feedback.

simplesat Integrations
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MySQL is an open source database management system that allows users to input, store, modify and retrieve data from a MySQL database. This database management system was developed by MySQL AB in 1995. It is free and it is available on Linux, Unix, and Windows operating systems.


Simplesat is an internet based scheduling system that allows teachers and students to interact with each other. It just like a meeting place for teachers and students where they can meet and discuss their subject and give feedback about it. Simplesat is used as a scheduling system because it also helps to make appointments between students and teachers. It also helps to manage the timetable of each student. So, simplesat helps to save time and money. It is very easy to use also. It just takes less than 5 minutes to learn how to use it. It is very useful because it saves time and money.

Integration of MySQL and simplesat

Integration of mysql and simplesat would create an effective scheduling system for students and teachers. In this integration, both of these softwares will be linked together so that when a student logs on to simplesat, the schedule of that student will automatically be entered into the MySQL database so that the student can access his schedule anytime he wants to do so. In order to create this integration, we need to link the student’s id or name with his schedule in MySQL database. If a student changes his schedule, the change should also be reflected into the MySQL database. The MySQL database should have two tables which are “Students” and “Schedule”. These two tables will be linked with the help of a program that runs on Windows OS. This program will connect the two tables based on certain criteria like student’s id or name, course code and teacher’s id or name. There will be two fields for each record in each table. “Student Id” and “Room”. The information of two fields will be automatically filled up when the user logs on to simplesat. When the user logs on to simplesat, there will be three windows, one window for entering information about the course code, one window for entering information about the room number and one window for entering information about the student id or name. Once the information of these three windows has been entered into their respective fields then the information will be transferred immediately into the MySQL database and it will save the time of entering the same information again.

Benefits of Integration of MySQL and simplesat

If integration of MySQL and simplesat is done, there are several benefits that will result from this integration. One benefit that will be produced from this integration will be that there will not be any confusion between students and teachers regarding scheduling. Both the students and teachers can easily check their schedules online because they both have access to one common database that stores information about scheduling of all students and teachers. Another benefit that results from this integration is that there will be no need for making appointments between teachers and students because the communication between them is already established beforehand through simplesat. So, there will be no extra burden for teachers because they can easily make appointments with their students without any problem at all. Another benefit that comes from this integration is reducing cost of traveling by car or taxi between schop and home or vice versa because now teachers will not have to travel to visit their students at their homes or vice versa because now students can easily visit their teachers at schop without facing any kind of problem at all. Another benefit that results from this integration is that now there will not be any problem for parents regarding getting home late at night because their children are now studying in a schop where they have access to internet facilities so they can study anywhere throughout the day; in schop, at home, at friends’ house, etc… without any problem at all. Another benefit that results from this integration is that now schops can easily send messages to all their students through email or SMS without any problem at all because now they have access to these facilities also through simplesat. So, it has reduced the cost of sending messages through emails or SMSes by government organizations which has increased due to increasing number of people using email services or mobile phones. Another benefit that results from this integration is that now there will not be any need for every teacher to keep a register of attendance because now this responsibility has been taken away from them because now all attendance registers are transferred directly into MySQL database without any problem at all. Another benefit that results from this integration is that now there are more facilities available for students and teachers with just one click because now they have access to many facilities like sending e-mails, reading news, searching on google etc.. There are many other benefits that result from this integration but these benefits should be considered as sufficient enough for our purpose.

We can conclude that if we integrate MySQL and simplesat then it will reduce many problems related to scheduling between teachers and students without any problem at all.

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