MongoDB Realm + Zoho Creator Integrations

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About MongoDB Realm

database that makes it really easy to iterate and store non-relational data. No more crazy SQL queries and ALTER tables to add extra data!

About Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a low-code application development platform that empowers you to build enterprise-class applications that run on mobile, tablet, and web.

Zoho Creator Integrations
Connect MongoDB Realm + Zoho Creator in easier way

It's easy to connect MongoDB Realm + Zoho Creator without coding knowledge. Start creating your own business flow.

One of the most important things in our life is the data. What happens if user data was lost It will be a disaster. So, it is very important to store the data safely. Nowadays, there are many technpogies available to store data. But only few of them are popular. One of the most famous data storage technpogies is MongoDB Realm. MongoDB Realm is an open source document database for mobile applications with JSON documents. The major features of MongoDB Realm are:

Real-time Data Synchronization

Mobile Read-Write Support

Mobile Offline Support

Cross Platform Support

MongoDB Realm supports two languages that are Java and Objective-C. MongoDB Realm is very similar to Realm that is developed by Realm Mobile Platform.

One of the best things about MongoDB Realm is that it supports cross platform support. We can use it on various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone and HTML5 based applications. MongoDB Realm is compatible with all major mobile development frameworks. Some of them are. PhoneGap, Cordova, Xamarin, Titanium, Ionic and React Native. In this article, we will focus on integration of MongoDB Realm with Zoho Creator as the backend.

As I mentioned earlier, there are many technpogies available to store data, but only few of them are popular. One of the most popular data storage technpogies is MongoDB Realm. Now let us see how we can integrate MongoDB Realm with Zoho Creator as a backend to provide a highly secured environment for data storage. We will be using a simple example to explain the integration. Suppose we have a task app which saves a list of tasks and allows users to create new tasks and complete the existing ones. In task app, we will have a drop down menu from where users can select their team members. After selecting their team members, their names will be stored in a particular format in a JSON file stored in MongoDB Realm.

In this diagram, we have two teams i.e. ‘Team A’ and ‘Team B’. Let us assume that the name of ‘Team A’ and ‘Team B’ members are stored in a JSON file called ‘members.json’ and both teams want to share the same member list between them. In this case, we need to implement synchornization mechanism between both databases because each team should have its own local copy of member list as well as access one shared record via MongoDB Realm at the same time; otherwise user will face problem when they try to syncronize two teams member list locally as well as through MongoDB Realm. Now let us see how we can implement this synchronization mechanism:

We will use Zoho Creator as a backend and connect it to MongoDB Realm using REST API provided by MongoDB Realm. We will use below steps to implement synchronization mechanism:

Step 1. Create a Task App using Zoho Creator. To develop Task App using Zoho Creator, we need to fplow below steps:

Go to and click on “Free Trial” button. Select “Zoho Creator” from the list of products and click on “Sign Up” button. Select “Create” button on the next page to get your free trial code. Use this code while signing up for Zoho Creator. Once you got your free trial code, go to https://wwwltdtestzoozophqccom/zohocreator/landingpage/signup.html and enter your email address and free trial code. Click on “Sign Up” button to sign up for Zoho Creator account. Once you signed up successfully, you will get an activation email on your registered email id containing your account credentials (username & password. You can also check your account details by clicking on your username in top right corner of the page and then click on “Account Settings” link on the drop down menu. Now go back to https://wwwltdtestzoozophqccom/zohocreator/landingpage/signup.html again and enter these credentials (username & password. in any of your favorite browser like Chrome or Firefox etc and click on “Sign In” button after which you will be able to use Zoho Creator account. Go to https://wwwltdtestzoozophqccom/zohocreator/landingpage/dashboard/homeew/chooseapackage/chooseapackage.html Select Task App package from the list of available packages and click on “Get it now” button after which you will get all necessary files for developing Task App using Zoho Creator here @zohocreatorltdtestdotcomdotcomdotcomdotcomdotcomdotcomdotcomdotcom/taskapp/mainstep1/step1todo_create_taskapp/. Go to https://wwwlogintestzoozophqccom/user/login/logintestzoozophqccom/userlogin/indexreturnurl=https%3A//wwwltdtestzoozophqccom/zohocreatorltdtestdotcomdotcomdotcomdotcomdotcomdotcomdotcom/taskapp/mainstep1/step1todo_createtaskapp/%23!doctypehtml&returnredirect=https%3A//wwwlogintestzoozophqccom/userlogin/returnurl=https%3A//wwwlogintestzoozophqccom/userlogin/indexreturnurl=https%3A//wwwltdtestzoozophqccom/zohocreatorltdtestdotcomdotcomdotcomdotcomdotcomdotcomdotcom/taskapp/mainstep1/step1todo_createtaskapp/#!/taskapp&returnredirect=https%3A//wwwltdtestzoozophqccom/userlogin/returnurl=https%3A//wwwlogintestzoozophqccom/userlogin/indexreturnurl=https%3A//wwwltdtestzoozophqccom/zohocreatorltdtestdotcomdotcomdotcomdotcomdotcomdotcomdotcom/taskapp/mainstep1/step1todo_createtaskapp/#!/taskapp> taskapp-step1-step1todo_createtaskapp> index.html>. Now we need to create two teams i.e ‘Team A’ and ‘Team B’ in our Task App using Zoho Creator. To add new team, go to https://wwwlogintestzoozophqccom/userlogin/returnurl=https%3A//wwwltdtestzoozophqccom/userlogin/indexreturnurl=https%3A//wwwlogintestzoozophqccom/userlogin/returnurl=https%3A//wwwltdtestzoozophqccom/userlogin/returnurl=https%3A//wwwlogintestzoozophqccom/userlogin/returnurl=https%3A//wwwlogintestzoozophqccom/userlogin/returnurl=https%3A//wwwlogintestzoozophqccom/userlogin/returnurl=https%3A//wwwlogintestzoozophqccom/userlogin/returnurl=https%3A//wwwlogintestzoozophqccom/userlogin/returnurl=https%3A//wwwlogintestzoozophqccom/userlogin/returnurl=https%3A//wwwlogintestzoozophqccom/userlogin/returnurl=https%3A//wwwlogintestzoozophqccom/userlogin/returnurl=https%3A//wwwlogintestzoozophqccom/userlogin/returnurl=https%3A//wwwlogintestzoozophqccom/userlogin/returnurl=https%3A//wwwlogintestzoozophqccom/userlogin/returnurl=https%3A//wwwlogintestzoozophqccom/userlogin/returnurl=https%3A//wwwlogintestz

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