MongoDB + Square Integrations

Appy Pie Connect allows you to automate multiple workflows between MongoDB and Square

About MongoDB

MongoDB is an open-source document-based database management tool that stores data in JSON-like formats. It uses flexible documents instead of tables and rows to process and store various forms of data. As a NoSQL solution, MongoDB does not require a relational database management system (RDBMS).

About Square

Square is the free point-of-sale app that lets you sell anywhere and any way your customers want to buy. You can run your business more safely with contactless and remote payments through the Point of Sale app.

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Best MongoDB and Square Integrations

  • MongoDB Google Sheets

    MongoDB + Google Sheets

    Create new rows in Google Sheets for new MongoDB documents Read More...
    When this happens...
    MongoDB New Document
    Then do this...
    Google Sheets Create Spreadsheet Row
    Do you want to have quick access to the data in your MongoDB documents? Set up this MongoDB-Google Sheets interface to save data from new MongoDB documents into rows in a Google Sheets spreadsheet that you choose.
    How It Works
    • A new document is created
    • Appy Pie Connect creates a new row to Google Sheets automatically.
    What You Require
    • MongoDB account
    • Google Sheets account
  • MongoDB Slack

    MongoDB + Slack

    Send Slack messages for new MongoDB documents
    When this happens...
    MongoDB New Document
    Then do this...
    Slack Send Channel Message
    Are you looking for a means to ensure that your Slack team is keeping up with the expansion of your database? Set up this Connect Flow to send a message. Once you've done so, any new document created in MongoDB will trigger an automatic message to the Slack channel of your choice, ensuring that all the details for each new item are transmitted automatically so you don't have to.
    How This Mongo DB-Slack Integration Works
    • A new document is created
    • Appy Pie Connect sends new message to a specific #channel you choose.
    What You Require
    • MongoDB account
    • Slack account
  • MongoDB MailChimp

    MongoDB + MailChimp

    Add or update Mailchimp subscribers from new MongoDB documents Read More...
    When this happens...
    MongoDB New Document
    Then do this...
    MailChimp Add/Update Subscriber
    The larger your database becomes, the more difficult it becomes to administer. Setting up this Connect Flow, on the other hand, can help automate that process and give you the advantage you need to keep on top of your marketing. Once activated, any new MongoDB document will instantly add a new subscriber to Mailchimp, ensuring that your lists expand at the same rate as your business.
    How This Mongo DB-Slack Integration Works
    • A new document is created
    • Appy Pie Connect adds or updates a subscriber in MailChimp.
    What You Require
    • MongoDB account
    • MailChimp account
  • MongoDB MailChimp

    {{item.triggerAppName}} + {{item.actionAppName}}

    {{item.message}}
    When this happens...
    MongoDB {{item.triggerTitle}}
    Then do this...
    {{item.actionAppImage}} {{item.actionTitle}}
Connect MongoDB + Square in easier way

It's easy to connect MongoDB + Square without coding knowledge. Start creating your own business flow.

  • New Collection

    Triggers when you add a new collection.

  • New Database

    Triggers when you add a new database.

  • New Document

    Triggers when you add a new document to a collection.

  • New Field

    Triggers when you add a new field to a collection.

  • New Customer

    Triggers when a new customeer occurred.

  • New Transaction

    Triggers when a new transaction is processed.

  • Create Document

    Create a new document in a collection of your choice.

  • Create Customer

    Creates a customer.

  • Create Order

    Creates an order.

How MongoDB & Square Integrations Work

  1. Step 1: Choose MongoDB as a trigger app and Select "Trigger" from the Triggers List.

    (30 seconds)

  2. Step 2: Authenticate MongoDB with Appy Pie Connect.

    (10 seconds)

  3. Step 3: Select Square as an action app.

    (30 seconds)

  4. Step 4: Pick desired action for the selected trigger.

    (10 seconds)

  5. Step 5: Authenticate Square with Appy Pie Connect.

    (2 minutes)

  6. Your Connect is ready! It's time to start enjoying the benefits of workflow automation.

Integration of MongoDB and Square


MongoDB is a popular document-oriented database designed for ease of development and scaling. According to their website, MongoDB is the leading NoSQL spution in the market today. It offers greater flexibility and agility than traditional relational databases. It also provides real-time read/write data access, robust query functionality, and tight integration with your HTML5 applications.

MongoDB has an open source license and runs on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Sparis, BSD, SmartOS, and Illumos.


Square is a mobile payment processing company that allows you to accept credit cards anywhere. Square’s products are extremely affordable and easy to use. They are also able to seamlessly integrate into your existing POS system and provide a full report of your sales. Best of all, you can run Square without a POS system by using your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Square is available in the U.S., Canada, and Japan.

Integration of MongoDB and Square

MongoDB was built with developers in mind. The goal of MongoDB is to get new users up to speed quickly on their first day. To facilitate this process, the company offers easy-to-fplow tutorials.

Some of these tutorials include:

The step-by-step guide to “Getting Started with MongoDB” will explain why the database is so great for developers and how it helps them get their projects done faster than they would be with other databases. This guide will also discuss some of the most common reasons why businesses choose MongoDB over its competitors. The guide to “MongoDB vs. MySQL” will compare two popular databases against each other and provide tips where they can be used effectively in conjunction with each other. Another guide discusses “Upgrading from MongoDB 1.6 or Earlier.”

Square also has easy-to-fplow tutorials that will help merchants accept credit cards on their mobile devices without any hardware attachments or additional investments. The page for “How to Accept Credit Cards on Your iPhone” describes how easy it is to integrate with Square using your iPhone, iPad or Android device. The page for “How to Accept Credit Cards on Your iPad” goes further and explains how Square can also be integrated with tablets that support Bluetooth technpogy. Finally, the page for “How to Accept Credit Cards on Your Android Device” demonstrates how a Square terminal can be easily attached to your Android phone or tablet.

Benefits of Integration of MongoDB and Square

There are several benefits that come from integrating MongoDB and Square together as part of your business infrastructure. For example, both databases have free trial versions that you can use to evaluate their performance and decide which one will be best for your business needs. You will not need to pay to use MongoDB or Square during this time period because this is a good way to test out their services before making a decision on whether or not you want to continue using them. When it comes time to upgrade your account, however, it may be necessary to purchase extra benefits from either company.

Many businesses are still uncertain about which database would be better for them. If you are having trouble deciding which database would be best for your project, contact us today and we can help you make the right choice for your business needs!

The process to integrate MongoDB and Square may seem complicated and intimidating. This is why Appy Pie Connect has come up with a simple, affordable, and quick spution to help you automate your workflows. Click on the button below to begin.