Instagram Business + Sina Weibo Integrations

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About Instagram Business

Instagram for Business is the best way to connect with your customers and share your brand's story. With multi-million monthly active users, Instagram provides a unique, visual way to communicate and build relationships with them.

About Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo is a microblogging service and social networking service that allows users to send and read texts known as 'weibos.' It is called the Chinese version of Twitter.

Sina Weibo Integrations
Sina Weibo Alternatives

Looking for the Sina Weibo Alternatives? Here is the list of top Sina Weibo Alternatives

  • Twitter Twitter
  • LinkedIn LinkedIn
  • Facebook Facebook
  • SocialPilot SocialPilot
Connect Instagram Business + Sina Weibo in easier way

It's easy to connect Instagram Business + Sina Weibo without coding knowledge. Start creating your own business flow.

Instagram Business?

Instagram Business allows businesses to create and maintain a presence on the platform. You can now share your business’s story with your fplowers and get your posts seen by more people through hashtags, @mentions and location tagging.

The steps for creating an account are straightforward:

  • Go to Business Profile Settings in the Instagram app and click “Switch to Business Profile” to complete your conversion. 2. Click the “Create Account” button. 3. Enter your business information. 4. Add your first post. 5. Choose a profile photo for your business. 6. Choose a username for your business.

  • Sina Weibo?
  • Sina Weibo is a Chinese social media website that was launched on August 23, 2009. It is commonly known as ‘Weibo’ and has been usually referred to as ‘China's Twitter’ since it has similar features with Twitter (such as microblogging structure, real-time nature of updates, etc.. The platform has been operated by Sina Corporation since its launch, though no longer directly owned by the company after the restructuring of the microblogging service in February 2014 to form whply owned subsidiaries.

  • Integration of Instagram Business and Sina Weibo
  • Due to the benefits that both Instagram Business and Sina Weibo have, if they were integrated together, it would be beneficial to companies because they would gain much more exposure than they currently have on either platform alone. For instance, if you are a travel agency, you could post a new itinerary on Instagram Business in order to reach people who like to travel and would be interested in seeing that post on their feed. In addition, by tagging the location of where the trip will take place, you could also reach people who are interested in visiting that place by tagging it on your post on Instagram Business. By doing this, you could reach out to many people who wouldn't have been able to see that post had you only posted it on Instagram Business or Sina Weibo alone because not everyone fplows you on either platform, but there are also many other users who fplow you who may not be fplowing you on either platform as well so if you were to just post it on one platform, those people won't be able to see it but if you were to post it on both platforms, then all of them would be able to see it, thus allowing more exposure for your business and therefore more customers for your business. Which leads into my second point... If you are a travel agency again, perhaps you have posted an itinerary on Instagram Business and tagged the place where the trip will take place, and someone who is interested in traveling there sees it and decides that they want to go as well. However, they do not know how to contact your company but if you were to have a Sina Weibo page as well then they would be able to find you through that application and then contact you about going on the trip with them. So in conclusion, through integrating Instagram Business and Sina Weibo together, businesses would benefit greatly from it because they would gain much more exposure; therefore they would attract more customers which is what every business wants!

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