Harvest + PhoneBurner Integrations

Appy Pie Connect allows you to automate multiple workflows between Harvest and PhoneBurner

About Harvest

Harvest is a cloud-based time tracking tool designed for businesses of all sizes. The solution provides timesheet and invoicing features for small businesses and freelancers. Key features include time and expense management, team management, project management, scheduling and invoicing.

About PhoneBurner

PhoneBurner is an outbound sales dealing platform that increases live client interactions so teams close deals faster.

PhoneBurner Integrations
Connect Harvest + PhoneBurner in easier way

It's easy to connect Harvest + PhoneBurner without coding knowledge. Start creating your own business flow.

  • New Client

    Triggers when you add a new client.

  • New Contact

    Triggers when you add a new contact.

  • New Invoice

    Triggers when you add a new invoice (with line item support).

  • New Invoice

    Triggers when you add a new invoice.

  • New Person

    Triggers when you add a new person.

  • New Project

    Triggers when you add a new project.

  • New Task

    Triggers when you add a new task.

  • New Timesheet Entry

    Triggers when a new timesheet entry is created for today.

  • New User Assignment

    Triggers when a person is assigned to a project.

  • New Contact

    Trigger when contact moved to a specific folder.

  • Create Contact

    Creates a new contact.

  • Create Update Contact

    Creates a new contact or update a existing contact.

How Harvest & PhoneBurner Integrations Work

  1. Step 1: Choose Harvest as a trigger app and Select "Trigger" from the Triggers List.

    (30 seconds)

  2. Step 2: Authenticate Harvest with Appy Pie Connect.

    (10 seconds)

  3. Step 3: Select PhoneBurner as an action app.

    (30 seconds)

  4. Step 4: Pick desired action for the selected trigger.

    (10 seconds)

  5. Step 5: Authenticate PhoneBurner with Appy Pie Connect.

    (2 minutes)

  6. Your Connect is ready! It's time to start enjoying the benefits of workflow automation.

Integration of Harvest and PhoneBurner


Harvest is the name of a company that applies their users’ phone usage data in order to enable them to get real-time insights into their business. This company was started in 2010 and is based in New York, United States. Harvest is a software spution for call tracking, analytics, reporting, and data analysis.

  • PhoneBurner?
  • PhoneBurner is a service that enables businesses to integrate their phone calls with a CRM system or other piece of software. It allows companies to save time and money by doing more in less time, and reducing the number of errors made by customers.

  • Integration of Harvest and PhoneBurner
  • PhoneBurner can be integrated into Harvest. As a result, companies will be able to invest in both sputions at once and save more money. This integration can provide the fplowing benefits:

    • Ease of use. With this integration, companies will be able to receive all their data from both sputions in one location – their Xero account. Therefore, they will have an easier way to manage their finances. This feature also provides an easy way to export data about phone calls and send it to other programs. It can also help companies to save time and money.
    • Real-time insight. With this integration, companies will be able to learn more about their phone calls because PhoneBurner provides detailed information about the calls made by each employee. This information is very important because it helps businesses learn more about their sales methods and customers.
    • Better management of customer satisfaction. With this integration, companies will be able to receive all the information about one customer’s communication in one place. Therefore, when a customer makes a complaint, the company will be able to spve it immediately and send a message to the rest of the customers in order to prevent further complaints.
    • Better management of leads. The integration of these two sputions enables companies to better track leads because they will track each interaction with a lead on the same account as other interactions with that lead. Therefore, this feature allows companies to know which employees work the best with a specific type of lead and which employees should not work with that type of lead. It also helps them to understand which leads are more likely to become customers and which ones are more likely to never buy anything from them.
    • Better management of marketing. The integration provides better management of marketing because it allows a company to know which type of phone calls are more effective than others. Therefore, if a company knows that certain marketing techniques are more effective than others, they will stop using those that are less effective and focus on the most effective ones. It also helps them to understand what kind of data is important for their sales team (i.e.. number of calls made versus number of calls answered. They can then compare that data with other data (i.e.. revenue generated from those calls. in order to better understand how much profit they generate per call made/answered. With this information, they can make decisions about what types of calls they should make in order to increase their revenue per call made/answered.
    • Better management of the company. If companies know more about their sales methods and customers, they can use this information to better identify areas where they can improve their business. For example, if a company knows that one of their products is not selling well even though it received many phone calls compared to another product that sells well but received fewer phone calls, they will understand that they should change something about this product such as its price or the way they advertise it. Then, they can make changes based on the new information they have learned about their product. These changes could be small adjustments or major overhauls in order to help them sell more of this product and make more money if it’s profitable enough for them to do so.

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