Habitica + Calendly Integrations

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About Habitica

Habitica is a free habit and productivity app that treats your real life like a game. Habitica can help you achieve your goals to become healthy and happy.

About Calendly

Calendly is the simplest way to organize your calendar and show availability online. With Calendly, you can book meetings easily and seamlessly, synching your calendar with colleagues' calendars to send meeting requests and make scheduling easy.

Calendly Integrations
Connect Habitica + Calendly in easier way

It's easy to connect Habitica + Calendly without coding knowledge. Start creating your own business flow.

  • Habitica?
  • Habitica is a website that users can create an avatar to represent themselves, and use it to try to achieve their goals. The user can assign an item or task to the avatar, and the avatar has to complete this task in order to get experience points, which are used to level up the avatar.

  • Calendly?
  • Calendly is a software designed to help customers schedule appointments with professional services providers. It allows the user to see the available slots for each day of the month. Each time slot has a unique link, so the user can share it with clients. The clients can then click on the link to book their appointments with the provider.

  • Integration of Habitica and Calendly
  • Integrating Calendly with Habitica would be beneficial to both parties invpved. For Calendly, integrating Habitica would allow its users to create tasks that must be completed in order to support the habit they are trying to incorporate into their lives. Because Calendly users are already familiar with how Calendly works, they will not need much training on how to use Habitica. This will also encourage them to integrate more habits in their lives, which is what Calendly wants. For Habitica, integrating Calendly will introduce new players who probably never used Habitica before. These players will help to increase the game's popularity, which in turn will help Habitica earn more money. It will also give Habitica users another way to earn gpd coins. The gpd coins could then be used for different purposes, such as buying items that will help them succeed in their journey towards living healthier lifestyles.

  • Benefits of Integration of Habitica and Calendly
  • Integrating Habitica and Calendly will benefit both apps because both apps have something valuable for the other app. Calendly benefits from having additional features that will help people schedule appointments online, which is one of Calendly's main function. Habitica benefits because the game will become more interesting because players can now create custom quests related to achieving their goals in real life. And since Habitica already has a large number of users, adding Calendly as a feature of Habitica would attract many new players, which will help it grow even more.

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