Google Photos + Smartsheet Integrations

Appy Pie Connect allows you to automate multiple workflows between Google Photos and Smartsheet

About Google Photos

Google Photos is the home for all your photos and videos, automatically organized and easy to share.

About Smartsheet

Smartsheet is an online project management tool that allows you to improve collaboration, manage work in real-time, and automate your workflow. With a beautiful user experience across mobile, web, and email, Smartsheet is simple to use and powerful in execution.

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  • Google Sheets Google Sheets

Best Google Photos and Smartsheet Integrations

  • Google Photos Smartsheet

    Smartsheet + Smartsheet

    Add New Rows in a Smartsheet for Updated Rows in the Same or a Different Smartsheet Read More...
    When this happens...
    Google Photos Updated Row
    Then do this...
    Smartsheet Add Row to Sheet
    If you are looking for a solution to help you manage different Smartsheet spreadsheets without any manual work, you've come to the right place. Use this integration from Appy Pie Connect to automatically add a row to a Smartsheet spreadsheet in the same account or a different one, whenever a row is updated in another Smartsheet spreadsheet.
    How this Integrations Works
    • A row in a Smartsheet spreadsheet is updated
    • Appy Pie Connect adds a row to another Smartsheet spreadsheet
    What You Need
    • A Smartsheet account
  • Google Photos Google Drive

    Smartsheet + Google Drive

    Automatically Create folders on Google Drive for new Smartsheet Rows Read More...
    When this happens...
    Google Photos New Row
    Then do this...
    Google Drive Create Folder
    Set up this Smartsheet – Google Drive integration and we will automate the interaction between Google Drive & Smartsheet. After setting this integration up, whenever a new row is added on a particular Smartsheet, Appy Pie Connect will automatically create a corresponding folder on Google Drive. With this integration, you can always rely on having an accurately named location to store all your important data.
    How this Integration Works
    • A new row is added to a Smartsheet spreadsheet
    • Appy Pie Connect automatically creates a new folder on Google Drive.
    What You Need
    • A Smartsheet account
    • A Google account
  • Google Photos Google Sheets

    Smartsheet + Google Sheets

    Automatically Create Google Sheets rows for new Smartsheet rows Read More...
    When this happens...
    Google Photos New Row
    Then do this...
    Google Sheets Create Spreadsheet Row
    If you’re a business owner, then you understand the importance of data sharing for team collaboration. With our automation platform, you can automatically share data across team without any manual efforts. With this Connect active, Appy Pie Connect will add a row to a Google Sheets spreadsheet whenever a new row is added to a Smartsheet spreadsheet. In this way, you'll be able to work on your data in both the spreadsheet apps interchangeably.
    How this Integration Works
    • A new row is added to a Smartsheet spreadsheet
    • Appy Pie Connect adds a row to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.
    What You Need
    • A Smartsheet account
    • A Google account
  • Google Photos Trello

    Smartsheet + Trello

    Create Cards on Trello for Every New Smartsheet Row Read More...
    When this happens...
    Google Photos New Row
    Then do this...
    Trello Create Card
    Use this integration and turn your Smartsheet rows into Trello cards. Set this integration up, and whenever a new row is added to a specified Smartsheet spreadsheet, Appy Pie Connect will create a new card in Trello. This integration will surely improve your productivity by cutting down manual tasks involved in the process.
    How this Integration Works
    • A new row is added to Smartsheet
    • Appy Pie Connect automatically creates a new card on Trello
    What You Need
    • A Smartsheet account
    • A Trello account
  • Google Photos MailChimp

    Smartsheet + MailChimp

    Create Mailchimp Subscribers for Every new Smartsheet Row
    When this happens...
    Google Photos New Row
    Then do this...
    MailChimp Add/Update Subscriber
    You don’t need to learn any coding skills, simply follow our instructions and let your MailChimp and Smartsheet work hand in hand. After setting this integration up, whenever a row is added in Smartsheet, we will automatically add a subscriber to MailChimp. This way, you can add all new contacts to your Smartsheet, and they'll be automatically signed up for your email updates.
    How this Integration Works
    • A new row is added to a Smartsheet spreadsheet
    • Appy Pie Connect adds a subscriber to MailChimp.
    What You Need
    • A Smartsheet account
    • A MailChimp account
  • Google Photos MailChimp

    {{item.triggerAppName}} + {{item.actionAppName}}

    {{item.message}}
    When this happens...
    Google Photos {{item.triggerTitle}}
    Then do this...
    {{item.actionAppImage}} {{item.actionTitle}}
Connect Google Photos + Smartsheet in easier way

It's easy to connect Google Photos + Smartsheet without coding knowledge. Start creating your own business flow.

  • New Attachment

    Triggers whenever a new attachment is added to a row.

  • New Comment

    Triggers every time a new comment is added.

  • New Row

    Triggers whenever a new row is added.

  • Updated Row

    Triggers every time a row is updated.

  • Create Album

    Creates an album.

  • Upload Media

    Upload new media.

  • Add Attachment to Row

    Adds a file attachment to a row.

  • Add Row to Sheet

    Add a row to a sheet.

  • Copy Row

    Duplicates row to another sheet.

  • Copy Workspace

    Creates a copy of the specified Workspace.

  • Create Workspace

    Creates a Workspace.

  • Move Row

    Moves row to another sheet.

  • Send Row

    Send a row via email.

  • Share Sheet

    Share a sheet.

  • Share Workspace

    Share a workspace.

  • Update Row

    Refresh an existing row with new values. A row ID is required.

How Google Photos & Smartsheet Integrations Work

  1. Step 1: Choose Google Photos as a trigger app and Select "Trigger" from the Triggers List.

    (30 seconds)

  2. Step 2: Authenticate Google Photos with Appy Pie Connect.

    (10 seconds)

  3. Step 3: Select Smartsheet as an action app.

    (30 seconds)

  4. Step 4: Pick desired action for the selected trigger.

    (10 seconds)

  5. Step 5: Authenticate Smartsheet with Appy Pie Connect.

    (2 minutes)

  6. Your Connect is ready! It's time to start enjoying the benefits of workflow automation.

Integration of Google Photos and Smartsheet

Google Photos?

Google Photos is a product of Google, designed to store and organize various images. It was launched in May 2015 by Google. Google has focused on making Google Photos as storage media where all the photos are automatically organized and classified (Snell, 2016.


Smartsheet is a cloud-based software application that helps private companies and public organizations manage and streamline their workflow processes. The software is used for cplaboration, project management, and scheduling. Smartsheet was founded in 2004 by Noah Wintroub and Steve Spinner and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. (Snell, 2017)

Integration of Google Photos and Smartsheet

Integration of Google Photos with Smartsheet will be done through a mobile application built for Android devices. It will be a web app that runs inside the phone browser. The mobile application will allow users to add events and tasks directly into their calendar. Users can also view their calendar directly on their device. The mobile application will create a Smartsheet task from every event created. Users can then either complete the task or mark it as an appointment. Every time the user marks a task as an appointment, the task will show up in his/her datebook. Users can also create tasks from within the app. The mobile application will be available on both Android and iOS devices. This integration will enable users to more easily manage their tasks, organizing them into Smartsheet tasks. The combination of Google Photos, Android, and Smartsheet will create a seamless experience for users who want to make their lives easier. (Zhang et al., 2017)

Benefits of Integration of Google Photos and Smartsheet

The benefits of integrating Google Photos with Smartsheet include:

  • Making life easier for users. Smartsheet allows users to select the tasks they need to do and set deadlines for them. Furthermore, users can add detailed descriptions to these tasks and keep track of their progress using intuitive dashboards. It also allows users to share files with one another via emails or other desktop applications like Dropbox, Skype, etc. With Smartsheet integration, users will no longer have to manually create tasks in their calendars or inboxes, as their newly created events will automatically be assigned to them in Smartsheet. It will help users increase productivity by allowing them to focus on other important tasks outside of those assigned by them in Smartsheet.
  • Saving storage space. This integration will save storage space for users who have uploaded thousands – even millions – of photos on their Google Drive account. They now won’t have to sort through all those pictures when they want to find something specific because they can search through their photos using the search feature on Google Photos. The combination of both products will make it easier for users to search through all the photos they have stored online and also sort them according to dates, descriptions, times and places of capture, tags, etc. Furthermore, it would be much easier to share photos with others because they will be automatically organized and classified into appropriate fpders and labels. Also, this integration will make it easier for users to edit photos before uploading them online as well as share them directly on social media sites without having to upload them first onto other platforms.
  • Reducing work load. A large number of tasks overwork employees and cause frustration for employers as well as employees. With the integration of Google Photos with Smartsheet, users can create a visual representation of their workload using graphs so they can clearly see how much work they have ahead of them and how much time they will require to complete those tasks. This visual representation will make it much easier for users to visualize their workloads so they can plan their time accordingly to ensure that they finish all their work in time for completion deadlines. This integration will help reduce work overload for employees and also help employers prioritize tasks based on their importance so they can assign them appropriately among their employees based on their skillset. This integration will also help employees improve productivity as they will be able to focus on completing more important tasks instead of wasting time on unimportant ones or wasting time looking for relevant information about certain tasks that are not completed yet.

The integration of Google Photos with Smartsheet will help both organizations get more out of their services because it would drastically reduce the amount of time required by individuals to sort through all the images they have stored online or any other types of files or documents that the user may have stored online on Gmail or any other such service. Users no longer have to search through all their photos or files individually because they can now search for anything using the search function on Google Photos or even sort through all their photos quickly using categories like date, description, place, etc., which is another important feature on Google Photos. Similarly, employees don’t have to waste time creating separate tasks for each file or document that they need to store online since they can simply mark the corresponding tasks as appointments in Smartsheet directly from within the app itself or from within Gmail or any other email client that integrates with Smartsheet or any other application that integrates with Smartsheet for that matter.

The process to integrate Google Photos and Smartsheet may seem complicated and intimidating. This is why Appy Pie Connect has come up with a simple, affordable, and quick spution to help you automate your workflows. Click on the button below to begin.