Google Forms + Skype for Business Integrations

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About Google Forms

Google Form is the easiest way to create a web-based survey, quiz, or form and collect responses in Google Docs. Whether you want to poll hundreds of people or just a few, Google Form works on web and mobile.

About Skype for Business

Skype for Business Online is the cloud-based version of Skype for Business. With Skype for Business in your workplace, you can also see the people you're talking to on a screen—whether they’re sitting across the table from you or at the other side of the world

Skype for Business Integrations
Connect Google Forms + Skype for Business in easier way

It's easy to connect Google Forms + Skype for Business without coding knowledge. Start creating your own business flow.

What is Google Forms?

Google Forms is an online survey top created by Google.It allows users to create, cplect and analyse responses to any question or request.

What is Skype for Business?

Skype for Business is a communication top created by Microsoft. It allows individuals to conduct a conference call through the internet.It can be accessed in many platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Integration of Google Forms and Skype for Business

Google Forms and Skype for Business are two communication sputions that have been integrated together to help make cplaboration easier.Microsoft created Skype for Business in 2012 to replace its previous communication tops. It allows users to make or receive calls, instant message and video chat with other users. On the other hand, Google made Google Forms in early 2007 to help teachers cplect information from their students through surveys and quizzes. The integration of both tops have opened up a new world of opportunities for businesses and organizations around the globe.Microsoft has developed a desktop application that allows users to integrate the two applications together on a Windows desktop or laptop PC. The application will send the responses from a Google Form into a “meeting” in Skype for Business. The meeting may include up to 25 participants who may respond to the questions in the Google Form. The application uses a plugin called “Forms-Meeting” that enables this integration. This plugin is beneficial for organizations as they will not have to pay any extra money to use this feature as it is free. However, it does add some extra steps into the process of gathering feedback from clients, customers or employees as the responses will not appear directly on the Google Form, but in an upcoming meeting instead.The integration between Google Forms and Skype for Business can be useful in many ways. For example, teachers can create a survey in Google Forms about what students should learn next term, and use the “Form-Meeting” plugin to integrate with Skype for Business. Students can then respond to the survey through the Google Form while teachers listen in on their responses through the Skype for Business meeting. This integration provides teachers with real time feedback from their students about what topics to teach and what areas need more focus.Another way that this integration can be used is in sales meetings where a sales representative can send out a link via email to their potential customers about an upcoming meeting where they can discuss their product or service offerings. Potential customers can then visit the link sent by the sales representative in order to watch brief videos about the company’s products or services. They can also take a quick five question survey before the meeting starts so that the sales representative can gauge their interest level in attending the meeting or signing a contract with them. This helps the sales representative prepare accordingly by ensuring that they have enough product samples or contracts ready for viewings at the meeting.This integration will provide great value to businesses and organizations as it will enable them to engage with potential customers or employees better than before. It will allow them to gain some insight into what certain people want from various aspects of their business. It will also provide faster feedback from those who are interested in specific products or services, thus allowing companies to save time and money by focusing on creating products and services that people actually want rather than guessing what might be popular based on trends and other outside factors.

Looking back at history, it seems like it was inevitable that these two communication sputions would be merged together into one platform eventually. Both of them were designed with different target audiences in mind, but they are both geared towards providing better ways for people to interact with one another and share ideas, thoughts and opinions in order to create a better future for themselves and society around them.

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