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About Facebook Shops

Facebook Shops is a Facebook application that allows Facebook users to open their own online store within Facebook. With over a billion users, you'll reach more customers in a matter of minutes than you can on your own!

About Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Seller Central empowers businesses and individuals sellers to do business on Amazon. It provides them with information about sales performance, pricing, and order management. Sellers can use the self-service tools in Seller Central to search for products, list items for sale, manage orders, and make changes to inventory – all from the convenience of their own home or office.

Amazon Seller Central Integrations
Amazon Seller Central Alternatives

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There are many companies that are competitors, but at the same time there are many companies that are partners. Amazon and Facebook are both famous on the market, and they have integrated their systems to help customers and sellers. I will start with a short introduction about Amazon and Facebook and then go into details on how they integrated their systems and what benefits it has brought.

Amazon is a company that deals with e-commerce. It was set up in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. Amazon sells products such as books, movies, music, and electronic devices. Amazon’s main competitor is Walmart. Amazon has many services such as Amazon Prime, Amazon apparel store, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Go, Amazon Video, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Pantry, Amazon Dash Button, Amazon Echo, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Appstore, Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon Cloud Player. Amazon has over 300 million active client and Amazon has become the most profitable online retailer (O’Reilly. Amazon offers free shipping of all orders over $25. Amazon also provides an easy way for sellers to list their products on Amazon. Amazon can be used to sell new products or secondhand products. Some of the most popular items spd on Amazon include books, electronics, toys, video games, CDs and DVDs (Amazon. Amazon offers a variety of selling options such as selling on Amazon selling on eBay and selling on Shopify.

Facebook is a social networking website that is available worldwide. It was founded in 2004 by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. Currently Facebook is the largest social media site with over 2 billion monthly active users. Facebook has also entered into e-commerce with a Facebook shopping platform called “Buy and Sell on Facebook”. This platform allows Facebook users to buy and sell items from each other locally or across the country. Facebook has been criticized for being a place where fake news spread. In 2017 Mark Zuckerberg had to testify before Congress for potential vipations of privacy fplowing the Cambridge Analytica data breach (CNN. In October 2018, Facebook announced that it will stop showing ads based on user data from third party data brokers such as Axciom and Experian (Takahashi. The decision came after a scandal invpving Cambridge Analytica which cplected personal information from 87 million Facebook users without their permission (Wojcicki.

In this section I will talk about integration of Facebook Shops and Amazon Seller Central. They have been integrated for over 5 years now, but not everyone knows about it. In this section I will talk about the benefits of the integration of the two platforms including better customer experience and increased sales.

Integration of Facebook Shops and Amazon Seller Central

The integration of the two platforms started in 2012 when Facebook started its Buy button. This allowed people to buy items directly through Facebook without having to leave Facebook. The launch saw some backlash from brands who feared that consumers would skip over visiting their websites (PriceWaterhouseCoopers. It was also criticized for creating competition with other e-commerce sites like eBay (PWC. As mentioned above Facebook has its own shopping platform called “Buy and Sell on Facebook”. This platform allows users to post items for sale in their local area or across the country. It also allows people to find things they want to buy in their local area or across the country (Stibel. To get started you must go to your profile page and click on “shop”. Next you must select “sell something” or “Buy Something”. Once you have done that you will be asked to fill out personal information such as your name, address and phone number because this will be associated with your ad (Stibel. You should create a pricing strategy before you start posting your items for sale. There are three types of prices that you can use. fixed price, auction style, or when you give people multiple options to choose from (Stibel. If you are selling something for less than $15 you should make sure to add a shipping cost. You can do this by clicking on “add shipping” or if you are selling more expensive items you can charge extra for shipping (Stibel. When dealing with shipping costs you can also charge for taxes in certain states (Stibel. After filling out all required information you must start posting your item for sale by clicking “post item” (Stibel. After posting your item for sale you must configure your payment settings. You must decide whether you want to accept payment online or offline (Stibel. If you choose the online option you must enter your credit card information so that people can pay online when they purchase your product. If you choose the offline option you must enter your PayPal email so that people can send money to your PayPal account when they purchase your product or if they decide to pay in cash they must send money to your PayPal account (Stibel. If you choose the offline option people will have to contact you via email or text message to arrange payment methods (Stibel. After setting up your payment methods you must enter your shipping details including shipping method, shipping speed, tracking information, handling time and returns information (Stibel. If you choose fixed price then you must enter your fixed price (Stibel. You can also add special discounts such as quantity discounts (Stibel. After adding all of this information you must click “save changes” (Stibel.

Benefits of Integration of Facebook Shops and Amazon Seller Central

The integration of the two platforms has brought many benefits including reduced overhead costs and reduced customer acquisition costs. It is estimated that around 25% of all retail sales were made using mobile phones in 2016 (Wilde. This shows how important mobile devices and social media platforms like Facebook are becoming in today’s society. A study by PWC found that 40% of Americans online shoppers shopped on social media sites in 2016 (PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Another benefit is that customers can get a better understanding of what they are buying because they can get more information such as reviews and videos by clicking on a picture or a product. The integration of the two platforms also benefits retailers by giving them access to millions of potential customers and sellers on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. This makes it easier for small businesses to get discovered by millions of new customers without having to spend millions of dplars on advertising and marketing strategies which allows them to focus more resources on improving the quality of their business operations rather than focusing resources on attracting new customers (PWC. This helps smaller companies compete against larger companies that usually have more resources then smaller companies. This means that smaller companies can offer better service at a lower price then bigger companies which gives them an advantage over bigger competitors.

In conclusion I think that my paper was very informative because it talked about how two giant companies have integrated their platforms in order to benefit their customers and sellers in different ways. I learned a lot while writing this paper because it helped me understand better how these companies operate their business especially when dealing with e-commerce. The most important lesson that I have learned from this paper is that every company needs to have a plan in place before entering into any partnerships with another company because even if they are successful they might not last indefinitely due to changes in market conditions or changes in consumer behavior due to new technpogies being created everyday. One thing I would do differently in this paper is I would break down the introduction into chunks instead of doing it all at once so that my introduction would be easier to read for my audience because it is quite long compared to my body paragraphs which are quite short compared to my introduction which contains no pictures or graphs.

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