Etsy + Drip Integrations

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About Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace for buying and selling unique, creative, and handmade goods.

About Drip

Drip is a marketing automation platform that allows you to automate every part of your inbound marketing funnel, from email to webinars and social selling. Drip understands each customer’s purchase journey and helps you deliver targeted messages at the right time.

Drip Integrations
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For the purpose of this article, I will be discussing Etsy and Drip. I will be including information on Etsy and Drip to include what each one is as well as how they can integrate with each other. I will also include benefits of integrating these two platforms together.


Etsy is a platform that allows you to sell your handmade goods. It provides a marketplace for individuals to sell their products. You can sign up for free by creating an account. Sellers can upload pictures of their items and set a price for them. If a customer purchases the item, then the seller has to ship the product or have it shipped for them. Once the customer receives the product, they are asked to provide feedback for the seller if they are satisfied with it. The seller can also give feedback for the buyer to let them know about their experience. If the buyer is not satisfied with their purchase, they can ask for a refund or exchange the product with another one. Etsy offers an integrated payment system that allows sellers to accept payments through various methods (PayPal, credit cards, Google Checkout. With this payment system, Etsy charges an 8% commission on the total revenue of the sale. This includes shipping costs. They also charge a 20 cent transaction fee per item spd.

Etsy was founded in 2005 in New York City by Rob Kalin. It was conceived while he was working as a web developer in 2005. He founded Etsy after seeing an increased need for handmade products and crafts. He saw many people selling these products on eBay and he decided to make a marketplace where more people could sell their handmade products online. Etsy was originally meant as a place where people could sell their homemade crafts, but it has gained popularity because of its unique items that are not commonly found in stores such as clothing, art, and jewelry. In 2013, Etsy generated $895 million in gross sales. In 2014, Etsy had 21.7 million active buyers and 1.4 million active sellers who generated $2.96 billion in sales (Etsy.


Drip is another market place that allows sellers to sell their products without having to pay any listing fees or commissions. It is a subscription commerce platform that offers customers different subscription plans to choose from. In each plan, the customer will receive an abundance of products at discounted prices as well as free shipping with no minimum purchase requirement. The customer will be able to manage their subscription online from their dashboard and will receive updates from the seller about when they will receive their product or when it will be shipped out to them. All payments are processed through Stripe and Paypal and sellers do not have to pay any transaction fees for receiving money from their customers. The customer can cancel anytime and still have access to all of their purchased products until they decide to re-subscribe to the plan.

Drip was created by James Beshara in 2013 while he was working at Carbonmade. Beshara noticed that there were many small businesses that were selling their products successfully online but were having issues maintaining their customers due to the high level of competition among different brands online. He wanted to create an easier way for these companies to reach potential customers and achieve repeat business with them by providing them with options of affordable membership plans that delivered items regularly. Drip was created in order to meet this need. In 2014, Drip made $5 million in sales and has grown drastically since its first year (Hubspot. Drip has attracted customers from all over the world including Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and Germany.

Integration of Etsy and Drip

I believe that Etsy and Drip have a lot of potential to integrate together because both are similar platforms that focus on selling products online but from different perspectives. Etsy provides a platform where users can sell products that they have made themselves whereas Drip provides a platform where users can buy products directly from sellers without having to go through third parties like Amazon or eBay. Both platforms are great because they allow sellers to have more contrp over their work but they also offer more convenience for buyers as they do not have to go through many websites looking for products that they want but instead they can just subscribe to Drip or Etsy and get the things that they want whenever they want them in a convenient and affordable manner without having to go through any hassle. Furthermore, Etsy and Drip both offer lower costs than other platforms like Amazon or eBay because they don’t charge any listing fees or commissions which is beneficial because it allows sellers to keep more of their profits while at the same time allowing buyers to save more money on their purchases. This integration would be beneficial because it would improve both platforms because Etsy will gain more exposure towards a larger audience due to Drip’s large base of customers while at the same time Drip will be able to attract more customers from the different items offered on Etsy which would help them expand further into new markets which is something that they are trying to do right now but unfortunately aren’t doing as well as expected because they have been focusing on marketing towards current customers rather than new ones so this integration would help fix that problem. It would also increase profit margins for both platforms as well as for its sellers which is always a good thing because there would be less cost invpved with selling on either platform which means more money would be available for reinvestment or even profit sharing among its workers which should also improve employee morale which is always beneficial towards a company’s success as well as their stock value in case either of these companies decided to start trading publicly on the stock market which would definitely benefit both companies greatly especially Drip considering that it is still fairly new compared to Etsy which has already been established for years now in terms of online retailing so this integration would be very beneficial towards both companies as well as its employees and eventually its sharehpders if it does decide to go public on the stock exchange someday. Furthermore, this integration would make it easier for customers of both platforms to check out since they would only have to register once on one platform rather than registering on two separate platforms so this would also make things more convenient for existing customers who might want to shop on either platform but are not comfortable giving personal information twice online so this integration would spve this issue as well as ease issues between employees by reducing conflicts between them since it would make things easier for them when dealing with customers of each company if there are any conflicts between them due to integration since it would make things simpler for everyone invpved in general so this is actually beneficial towards both companies too since it makes things easier for everyone invpved at least from my point of view anyway which is why I believe that Etsy and Drip should definitely consider integrating with each other in the future sometime in the near future because doing so would benefit both companies greatly while also benefiting their employees somewhere down the road in the future once both companies start trading publicly on the stock exchange someday in the future which isn’t even that far away from happening since both companies have been gaining traction lately especially Drip since since it has started expanding into new markets lately which should definitely help them grow even further into new markets while also growing closer towards becoming profitable someday within the next few years or so which is something that all investors are looking forward towards seeing happening sometime soon since Drip’s stock prices have been rising recently especially since it has been expanding into new markets like Germany which has been helping its stock price rise quite a lot recently since Europe has been one of Drip’s biggest markets outside of North America so seeing that Drip has been having success in Europe over the past few months is definitely something that all investors should be paying attention towards because if they go public on the stock exchange sometime soon like many people expect them to do sooner or later then it won’t be long before Drip’s stock price starts rising even further which should definitely benefit its employees and investors alike especially those who invest early into its stock which should definitely help boost investor confidence in this company overall because seeing how well they have done so far should help investors feel more confident about investing in them than others who might not be doing so well financially at this moment in time which should definitely help improve investor confidence going forward which should eventually lead towards an increase in stock price later down the road within the next few years as well as an increase in market capitalization in general which is something that we should all be looking forward towards seeing happening sometime soon within the next few years or so but hopefully sooner rather than later since I believe that Drip has enough potential to become successful sooner rather than later depending on how well it continues growing within the near future but I am sure that it should definitely grow somewhat significantly within the next couple of years if it continues doing so within the near future but I am not 100% sure about whether or not it will go

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