Dropbox + Agile CRM Integrations

Appy Pie Connect allows you to automate multiple workflows between Dropbox and Agile CRM

About Dropbox

Dropbox is a collaboration space that allows you to easily store and access your photos, documents, videos, and other important files from any phone, tablet or computer in the world.

About Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a powerful customer relationship management software that allows businesses manage customer relationships more effectively. Ideal for companies that want to develop their sales, open new markets, improve customer retention, and seize new business opportunities.

Agile CRM Integrations
Agile CRM Alternatives

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  • Zoho CRM Zoho CRM
  • Salesforce Salesforce
  • HubSpot CRM HubSpot CRM
  • Alore CRM Alore CRM

Best Dropbox and Agile CRM Integrations

  • Dropbox Slack

    Dropbox + Slack

    Get notified in Slack when a file is added to your Dropbox folder Read More...
    When this happens...
    Dropbox New File in Folder
    Then do this...
    Slack Send Channel Message
    Set up this Slack-Dropbox integration and we will watch your Dropbox folder for you. After setting up this integration, we will send a notification to your chose slack channel every time a new file is added to the specified Dropbox folder. Our automation platform enables you to set up this Connect in mere minutes without writing a single line of code.
    How It Works
    • Triggers every time a new file is added to your specified Dropbox folder
    • Appy Pie Connect sends a notification to your chosen Slack channel
    What Is Needed for This Integration
    • A Dropbox account
    • A Slack account
  • Dropbox Google Sheets

    Dropbox + Google Sheets

    Add new Google Sheet rows for every new Dropbox file Read More...
    When this happens...
    Dropbox New File in Folder
    Then do this...
    Google Sheets Create Spreadsheet Row
    Setting up integration between your Dropbox and Google Drive can get you many extra productive hours every single day. After setting up this integration, whenever a new file is added on your Google Drive, Appy Pie Connect will create a new row in your selected Google Sheets spreadsheet.
    How This Integration Works
    • A new file is added to Google Drive
    • Appy Pie Connect will automatically create a new row in your selected Google Sheets spreadsheet
    What Is Needed for This Integration
    • A Google Sheets account
    • A Dropbox account
  • Dropbox Google Calendar

    Dropbox + Google Calendar

    Create New Google Calendar Events from New Dropbox Files Read More...
    When this happens...
    Dropbox New File in Folder
    Then do this...
    Google Calendar Create Detailed Event
    If you’re looking for a way to automatically create Google Calendar events for Dropbox files, then this integration is great for you. After setting this integration up, whenever you add a new file on Dropbox, we will automatically create an event on Google Calendar for it. Don’t waste another minute! Automate your workflow in minutes without any programming knowledge.
    How It Works
    • A new file is added to Dropbox
    • Appy Pie Connect automatically creates a new event on Google Calendar
    What Is Needed for This Integration
    • A Dropbox account
    • A Google account with access to Google Calendar
  • Dropbox Trello

    Dropbox + Trello

    Generate new Trello cards for every new Dropbox file Read More...
    When this happens...
    Dropbox New File in Folder
    Then do this...
    Trello Create Card
    The Trello – Dropbox integration from Appy Pie Connect makes project management simpler by allowing you to efficiently keep track of your tasks, without any hassle. Once this connect is active, a new Trello card will automatically be created whenever a new file is added to the Dropbox.
    How This Trello-Dropbox Automation Works
    • A new file is added to the Dropbox.
    • Appy Pie Connect generates a new card on Trello
    What Do You Require
    • A Dropbox account
    • A Trello account
  • Dropbox Google Drive

    Dropbox + Google Drive

    Replicate new files on Dropbox to Google Drive
    When this happens...
    Dropbox New File in Folder
    Then do this...
    Google Drive Upload File
    Make the most out of Dropbox and Google Drive by integrating them through Appy Pie Connect. After this connect is set up, every time a new file is added to Dropbox, the same file will automatically be copied to the Google Drive.
    How This Connect Works
    • A new file is added to the Dropbox
    • Appy Pie Connect replicates the same file on Google Drive
    What Do You Require
    • A Dropbox account
    • A Google account with access to Google Drive
  • Dropbox Google Drive

    {{item.triggerAppName}} + {{item.actionAppName}}

    {{item.message}}
    When this happens...
    Dropbox {{item.triggerTitle}}
    Then do this...
    {{item.actionAppImage}} {{item.actionTitle}}
Connect Dropbox + Agile CRM in easier way

It's easy to connect Dropbox + Agile CRM without coding knowledge. Start creating your own business flow.

  • New File in Folder

    Triggers upon addition of new files to a folder. Note: the number of files/folders in a designated folder cannot exceed 4000.

  • New Folder

    Triggers upon addition of a new folder. Ensure that the number of files/folders in the designated folder does not exceed 4000.

  • Changed Deal Milestone

    Triggers when a Deal reaches a specific milestone.

  • Changing Any Deal Milestone

    Triggers when changes are made in any deal milestone.

  • New Contact

    Triggers when a new contact is added.

  • New Deal

    Triggers when a new Deal is added.

  • New Event

    Triggers when a new event is created.

  • New Tag to Contact

    Triggers whenever a tag is added to contact in AgileCRM.

  • New Task

    Triggers whenever a new task is added.

  • New Ticket

    Triggers upon an addition of a new ticket in Agile CRM.

  • Create Folder

    Generates a brand new folder at the specified path.

  • Create Text File

    Generates a brand new text file from predefined plain text content.

  • Create or Append to Text File

    Adds a new line to an existing text file. If the file doesn't exist, it creates the text file.

  • Upload File

    Upload an existing file or attachment up to 100 MB in size.

  • Add Event

    Create an event in Agile CRM.

  • Add Note

    Add a note to a specific contact.

  • Add Score to Contact

    Add Score to a Contact in the Agile CRM.

  • Add Tag to Contact

    Add Tag to a Contact.

  • Add to Campaign

    Subscribe to a Campaign.

  • Create Company

    Create a New Company.

  • Create Contact

    Creates a New Contact.

  • Create Deal

    Add a deal in the Agile CRM.

  • Create Task

    Create a Task for the Contact.

  • Create Ticket

    Generates Ticket in the Agile CRM.

  • Create or Update Contact

    Updates the contact in Agile CRM based on the Email Address. Alternatively, can also create a contact if one is not found.

  • Update Company

    Update a Company.

How Dropbox & Agile CRM Integrations Work

  1. Step 1: Choose Dropbox as a trigger app and Select "Trigger" from the Triggers List.

    (30 seconds)

  2. Step 2: Authenticate Dropbox with Appy Pie Connect.

    (10 seconds)

  3. Step 3: Select Agile CRM as an action app.

    (30 seconds)

  4. Step 4: Pick desired action for the selected trigger.

    (10 seconds)

  5. Step 5: Authenticate Agile CRM with Appy Pie Connect.

    (2 minutes)

  6. Your Connect is ready! It's time to start enjoying the benefits of workflow automation.

Integration of Dropbox and Agile CRM


Sharing files across the world has never been easier. Dropbox is a file hosting service that enables users to store, sync, and share their files across various platforms. Users can easily create a fpder in Dropbox, and then invite people they want to share fpders with. They can access their shared fpders using any computer, tablet or phone. The Dropbox software is available for free, however, the service is not free. The free service offers 2 GB of storage, while the paid version offers 100 GB of storage space. The most important characteristic that makes Dropbox unique from other online file sharing services is that Dropbox protects its users’ data with military-grade encryption. In addition, Dropbox allows users to automatically sync the files on their device. Therefore, if a user changes a file or adds a new file on one device, it will automatically be updated on other devices the user has synced to. This is also referred to as “cloud” storage. Therefore, a user does not need to have internet connection all the time in order to access his or her files.

Agile CRM?

The software market today is very saturated with a lot of similar applications with minor differences between them. One of the main reasons why some applications are widely popular while others fail is because of their ease of use and interoperability with other applications. Agile CRM is one such application that enables businesses to manage their customer relationships in an efficient manner. It helps businesses to manage customer interactions, automate marketing processes, and track sales pipeline. It also provides the means to build predictive models based on historical data in order to forecast future growth in sales and revenue. The end result is an increase in sales and revenue by up to 600%. The software comes with a built-in help desk feature that allows customers to raise requests or bugs and submit them directly to the development team. The developers then fix these bugs and push out the updates as soon as possible. Agile CRM is very easy to implement and use by businesses because it has a clean interface that does not require much training from the IT department. The CRM system can be integrated with other business applications like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Microsoft Office 365. After integrating the software with other applications business users can get reports on their sales pipeline, customer engagement, leads, etc., in real time. Agile CRM also allows customers to utilize email automation tops so they can send targeted emails to customers at the right time. It also enables them to capture leads more effectively through web form automation. This ensures they are able to get more signups and conversions than before.

The integration of Dropbox and Agile CRM has many benefits because both the applications have different strengths that complement each other well and spve problems in a better way than the two standalone products would have done individually. For example, Dropbox is excellent when it comes to protecting files against loss or theft because it uses military-grade encryption technpogy. However, it does not provide any ways for businesses to build predictive models for sales forecasting or customer profiling. Agile CRM spves this problem by providing tops for sales forecasting and profiling. On the other hand, Agile CRM fails to protect files from loss or theft because it does not use military-grade encryption technpogy like Dropbox does. Therefore, when Dropbox files are stored in Agile CRM they remain encrypted and safe from unauthorized access even if the Agile CRM software is hacked by hackers. This reduces the risk invpved when using cloud storage services like Dropbox for business files instead of storing them locally on a computer or server that can be stpen or destroyed in case of disaster or theft.

The process to integrate Dropbox and Agile CRM may seem complicated and intimidating. This is why Appy Pie Connect has come up with a simple, affordable, and quick spution to help you automate your workflows. Click on the button below to begin.