Deskpro + Kintone Integrations

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About Deskpro

Deskpro is a web-based helpdesk software with multiple channel support.

About Kintone

Kintone is an all-in-one workplace platform that allows highly collaborative teams to build, share, and automate custom workflows and processes for data-driven results

Kintone Integrations
Connect Deskpro + Kintone in easier way

It's easy to connect Deskpro + Kintone without coding knowledge. Start creating your own business flow.

Kintone is a business intelligence and analytics platform. Deskpro is a project management application from Kintone. The two are integrated into one application. Kintone provides the infrastructure for Deskpro, allowing users to use Deskpro from within Kintone. This integration makes it easier for project managers to monitor their projects and manage their team members.

  • Integration of Deskpro and Kintone
  • There are four ways that Deskpro is integrated with Kintone:

    • Creating a “Project” in Deskpro will create a new “Tasks” list in Kintone.
    • When opening a task, there is an option to open the task in Deskpro. Clicking this icon will open the task in Deskpro as a mini-app.
    • When creating a task or a project, there is an option to create a card in Kintone.
    • The Kintone application can be embedded in Deskpro. When there are new tasks, cards or projects created, they will appear in the Kintone application. This integration thus allows users to track their projects directly from within their browser without having to leave their desktops to open different programs and log into different sites. This also makes it easy to forward emails to the task manager without having to log into the email provider’s website and forwarding the email. This will save them time especially when they receive hundreds of emails each day. This also eliminates the need to switch between applications or search through their inboxes which may take many minutes. This is also convenient for users who spend most of their days on their laptops or tablets where they do not have access to the same number of programs as on their desktop computers (for example, if they do not have Microsoft Outlook installed.

  • Benefits of Integration of Deskpro and Kintone
  • Integration of Deskpro and Kintone provides several benefits:

    • Speed up workflow by eliminating the need to switch between applications and websites. By linking Deskpro and Kintone together, users can perform all tasks from within one application without having to log into different websites or switch between different applications. This will eliminate unnecessary switching between applications which will save them time. It will also allow them to focus on work instead of being distracted by constant switching between applications. This increases efficiency since people can spend more time working on tasks instead of wasting time switching between applications and looking for emails in their inboxes. This also saves paper since the user no longer has to print any documents or emails unless needed.
    • Reduce cost by eliminating paper usage. By avoiding printing important emails, users reduce cost since they will not be purchasing reams of paper for printing out emails, documents or reports. This also reduces cost for organizations because they will no longer be paying for paper products such as paper expenses, toner ink replacements for printers, etc. They will also no longer need paper trays for storing paper products. This saves paper usage which will help in mitigating damage to the environment through reduced paper usage.

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