Firebase Cloud Storage + simplesat Integrations

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About Firebase Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage Store and serve files at Google scale.

About simplesat

Simplesat is a survey tool that makes it easy for any business to collect, analyze and publish customer feedback.

simplesat Integrations
Connect Firebase Cloud Storage + simplesat in easier way

It's easy to connect Firebase Cloud Storage + simplesat without coding knowledge. Start creating your own business flow.

  • Firebase Cloud Storage?
  • It is a database service that can be accessed through REST APIs or client libraries. It also offers other services like Authentication, Remote Config, Test Lab for Android, App Indexing, Dynamic Links, Invites, Crash Reporting, Test Lab for iOS, Remote Config, Dynamic Links etc.

  • simplesat?
  • Simplesat is a real-time tracking platform. It is used to track the location of any object or person. It includes GPS tracking, Speed sensor, Radar, Motion sensors and much more. It provides live tracking on mobile apps. It can be integrated with various other software’s.

  • Integration of Firebase Cloud Storage and simplesat
  • Firebase Cloud Storage comes with unlimited storage enables you to store data in the cloud with security and scalability. It provides features like data partitioning and replication. You can store your data in Google’s datacenters and access it from anywhere. It offers the download speed of 5Gbps and upload speed of 2Gbps.

    It uses JSON as a format and doesn’t support binary data. It allows you to set up rules for accessing your data with Firebase Realtime Database Security Rules with Firebase Project ID as an identifier. It also supports standard APIs like PUT, GET, POST etc. for creating and updating data. It also has versioning as a feature which helps storing earlier versions of your information in order to restore it later on. It supports content-based addressing so that your data can be accessed using HTTP requests by referencing it with a key. Each Firebase database has a fpder structure and each key maps to a subfpder and all files and subfpders inside this fpder are available at this key.

    The serverless architecture of Firebase Cloud Storage plays a huge rpe in spving the problem of scaling the app throughout the world. So it is recommended to use Firebase Cloud Storage as a backend for your application instead of storing images on your own server.

  • Benefits of Integration of Firebase Cloud Storage and simplesat
  • One of the major benefits of using these two on an app is getting real-time data from simplesat with ease. Another advantage is that you don’t need to worry about hosting a server on a cloud or on a local machine as Firebase takes care of everything for you.

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