Asana + Flipkart Integrations

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About Asana

Asana is a task management tool that brings all of your team's work together in one place. It lets you organize tasks by project, phases, priority level, due date, assignee, and tags. Asana is a great tool to manage even the largest and most complex projects.

About Flipkart

Flipkart is an e-commerce marketplace that offers over 30 million products across 70+ categories. With easy payments and exchanges, free delivery, Flipkart makes shopping a pleasure.

Flipkart Integrations
Best ways to Integrate Asana + Flipkart
Asana Asana

Create Tasks on Asana for Wufoo Form Entries

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Asana Asana

Create Asana tasks from new Wufoo entries

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Asana Asana

Create Asana task for new Google Sheets worksheets

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Asana is a very popular online task management and cplaboration software used by many companies to manage tasks and projects. It was launched by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and ex-Facebooker Justin Rosenstein in 2008. Since it’s launch, it has been downloaded more than 3 million times and now used by companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Airbnb, Uber and Intel. The main idea behind Asana was to develop an app that would improve the communication within the team and managers will be able to monitor work of their employees easily.


Flipkart is an online selling platform based in India. It was founded by Sachin and Binny Bansal (ex-Amazon employees. in 2007 and later bought by Walmart for $16 billion. It has become one of the biggest retailers in India and it’s estimated annual revenue is about $4.6 billion. The main goal of this platform is to provide online shopping experience to Indian customers which is not very easy due to bad internet connection and other reasons.

Integration of Asana and Flipkart

Integration of Asana and Flipkart makes life much easier for both companies. It gives a very good opportunity for Flipkart to improve itself as a company and it also gives a lot of benefits to Asana. But what are those benefits Firstly, it gives a high level of job satisfaction to employees because they have a lot of great tops to use during their work. Secondly, it helps Flipkart to build a better relationship with customers as they can easily communicate with them through emails or any other way possible. Thirdly, those tops give a chance for those people to take care of small issues faster which saves a lot of time. And last but not least, those integrations help Flipkart to save a lot of money because they don’t need a lot of employees anymore. This integration gives a lot of opportunities to both companies but at the same time, there are some difficulties too. For example, Asana’s employees still have to learn how to use Flipkart’s tops and learn how to communicate with them via emails etc. In addition, employees from both companies will need time to get used to the new tops which will cause some difficulties at first. However, those difficulties will be spved over time.

Benefits of Integration of Asana and Flipkart

There are many benefits of integration of Asana and Flipkart which are mentioned above but let’s go deeper into it. First of all, there are time savings because both companies can communicate faster with each other which means that employees will spend less time on emails which saves a lot of time. Secondly, integration of these two companies allows Asana to improve itself because it gets access to new tops that were built by Flipkart that will help it to do its job more quickly and efficiently. For example, Asana can benefit from using Flipkart’s chat top which will help them to communicate faster with each other when they have any problems with the customer or something else. Finally, integration saves money because Asana doesn’t need to hire new people in order to do its job because it already has all the information about the customer in one place so they don’t have to look for it everywhere anymore. Also, integration helps Asana to avoid making mistakes when communicating with customers which saves money in the long run because if they make mistakes then they have to pay extra money in order to fix them.

Integration of Asana and Flipkart will help these two companies improve themselves individually and together, it will make their life much easier than before. Both companies will benefit from this integration because it gives them access to new tops that were built by Flipkart which allow them to communicate with each other more easily and also gives them the ability to improve their work efficiency. Integration also helps them save money because they don’t need new staff members anymore in order to do their job properly. Although this integration may cause some difficulties at first (for example, learning how to use new tops. but they will disappear after some time because people get used to everything over time.

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